The Sounds of Silence.

It is a fact that sometime you don’t really know how much you miss something,  until it isn’t there any more. For the past fourteen years, I have based myself at my family home in Durham. The one constant, the one thing which has certainly been an invisible companion is a noise. It is the sound of children. Young children, who come virtually every weekday to their school, a school whose grassed play area abuts onto my garden. For all that time, when school has been in session, I look forward to the sounds which tell me that life does go on. I hear the shrieks of laughter, the sounds of small people arguing, I hear the sounds of children at play: and what could be more innocent than that? The past weeks, when the world has virtually shut down, those voices have been missed so much more because the silence has spread beyond those gates, and on into  the wide world.

However, there have been certain sounds which I have not missed, mainly because they are the sounds of Celebrities incessantly yammering on about areas of life of which they know so little; but because they  are famous, and because they feel the need to keep their ‘profiles’ to the foreground: they speak, and speak; on, and on, and on.

A comparative newcomer to this field is the actress, and now the slightly-miffed former Senior Royal, the Duchess of Sussex; a.k.a. Meghan. After having got her pussy-whipped Prince so thoroughly attuned to her needs, and after realising that she didn’t like having to do the things which being part of our Royal Family entails; instead of doing exactly what she wanted, she grabs Harry by the scrotum, and departs for Canada, baby son in tow. After being told, bluntly, by Canada that free full security protection wasn’t on the cards, she skipped out by her favourite transport; someone else’s private jet; and lands up in a gilded part of Los Angeles.

But, being Meghan, she inherited the idea that, because she was now doubly famous, being both a ‘Celeb’ and a Duchess, no matter how far removed for the real Royals; she ‘had to speak out’ about the death of a career criminal at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman.

She spoke of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, and Philando Castile, and Tamir Rice’ adding the key phrase ‘life matters’.

All  of which is true, and apposite, and movingly spoken as well; well, as movingly as any actress who has had to learn to emote on schedule.

It seems to me that this woman missed out only one name from  that sad parade of death, but she omitted the name of Cody Holte from that litany of sadness. Why Cody’s name? He was the victim of three AK-47 bullets, fired by a career criminal who was being served with an eviction notice. I just wonder why Meghan didn’t feel the need to honour this man? Was it because he didn’t fit the profile: Black man killed by White cop; but instead filled the flip side of that profile: White cop killed by Black man?