H.S.B.C stands with Communists over new ‘Security’ law

There was an advert, one of the never-ending series of Banks telling us how  much they  wanted out money, and are only too happy to lend lots of cash to both business and private customers. But this advert was rather special, because it was sent out on behalf of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank.

HSBC, one of the largest banks outside of America, is registered  and headquartered in London, but makes  a large chunk of its massive earnings  in Hong  Kong and Mainland China. While not the first to swear fealty, HSBC very recently signed a petition in support of the proposed security legislation, according to a post on the bank’s official WeChat account.

The official British position is that the new ‘Security Law’ goes against the ‘One Country-Two Systems’ ideal, and has, for the first time, spurred the Prime Minister to resurrect the idea of full visa access to BNO passport holders, and to increase the numbers of those BNO holders from 250,000 to 3,000,000. These new passport holders could, in theory, all emigrate to the UK. The original idea for the BNO (British National Overseas passport) was looked at by Margaret Thatcher, but, strangely enough, declined to take it fully forward after pressure by nervous senior Tories. 

So, would we benefit by at least a possible quarter million Hong Kong Chinese rolling into  Heathrow? The one thing most prominent in their favour is that they all have a fierce ideal towards hard work, and would repay this United Kingdom one hundredfold. Benefit scroungers they are definitely not! There would be many voices raised in protest, but mine would  not be amongst them.

The one possible problem which I perceive is the specific corruption which inevitably comes with Chinese, in the form of the gangster tradition of the Triads.

So, the questions remain, will the British Government react against a Bank which is a huge supplier of both foreign investment, and a large taxpayer to the Treasury: and will Britain stand by her word, and offer the hand of friendship to a veritable swarm of migrants? With the one caveat that these migrants are definitely NOT economic migrants.