The Signs of a Surrender

The Metropolitan Police will not stand up to a bunch of thugs!

We note the disgraceful photos of statues being boarded up all across London, as well as the Country; simply and solely because our miserable Police Chiefs and Politicians will not stand firm, and say, “Enough, and no further.”

They will not stop the thugs of black-lives-matter from rampaging through our towns and cities, which means one thing, and one thing only, the thugs, the bully-boys, the intimidation techniques; have won.

The disgraceful series of photos say only one thing, “We will not  stand against you!”






the surrender begins

So much for the ‘effing Muslim Mayor, and his accomplice the  Brazilian Electrician’s killer Cressida Dick, and their bleating lies about ‘Law and Order’

I truly am ashamed to call myself an Englishman!