Our very world is ruled by only one thing: Statistics.

When HMRC receive the statistics regarding P.A.Y.E. tax take, V.A.T., Corporation Tax for any quarter of any year, they check backwards, and very soon will be able to see the health of the economy. Politicians base their plans upon how much cash they reckon they can gouge out of the public purse, along with how much they can borrow; on the numbers provided by the Treasury, and then sit, crossing their fingers that nothing upsets the financial applecart. But there is one thing in which they must believe, implicitly. They must know that they have reliable figures in front of them. 

As with cash, so with other statistic listings, and the one I wish to have you cast your eyes and minds across is a set of figures extracted from Worldometer’s spreadsheets, and I think most of us would state that they can be trusted. But truly trusted? Again, we have to accept that if the Worldometer figures can be relied upon, again comes a caveat: who supplies the bean counters with the raw data upon which they must rely upon? The answer is fairly obvious; the Governments, or rather the bean counters who work  for those nations’ governments.
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