Social Media: and the pressure of Blackmail.

When I heard those reports of how all Premier League football players ‘Took the Knee’ in support of this bunch known as BlackLivesMatter, it did give me pause for thought. I am a comparative infant when it comes to Social Media, as I have just signed up with Twitter and nothing else, but one does wonder if all of those talented athletes who play football had the same idea when they knelt. Were they acting as one? Did they all agree with a noisy, anarchistic bunch that the entire stock of statues existent in Great Britain must be speedily examined for the merest smidgen of association with Slavery: and if they were so declared, must be unceremoniously demolished, covered in painted slogans and carted off to be thrown in the nearest deep water? 

I can perhaps believe that the black players are of one mind, although inferring that they all think the same on any subject is perhaps presumptuous of me. When it comes to  the white players, this is where some doubt creeps in to my thinking. Do they all instinctively accept that black people, and other ethnic minorities are at a disadvantage every day in Great Britain; or do they all believe, as I do, that your skin colour is immaterial in this United Kingdom. If they do believe this, I can therefore infer that they only ‘knelt’ because of the huge backlash which can be instantaneously brought to bear upon any individual who pokes his or her nose above the water and declare that, “No, I don’t  agree with everyone else!” Did they all instinctively agree to wear the ‘BlackLivesMatter’ logo in place of their names on their shirts? Or did they all agree because no-one wants to be the outlier, the sharp stone which stands out: and in these days of instant fame and, of course, instant Blackmail pressure: be pounded down until abject apology ensues?

I reckon we all can point to that ‘Blackmail Pressure’ which can be so easily exerted by a mob against anyone whose thoughts, words or actions can be seen to go against the ‘norm’ of (usually) liberal thought and ideals. I note only this morning that the pub chain Greene King and Lloyds of London have crumpled against the ‘Moral Outrage Blackmail’ of the BLM brigade. Both corporations have apologised and Lloyd’s has said it will donate to charities representing black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups. Greene King said it would make a “substantial investment to benefit the BAME community”, after consulting with its staff on how this money can best be used. 

I would prophesy that we shall, very soon, start to hear from the well-rehearsed usual suspects for ‘Reparations’,to be made, both to  to be made in both America and in Great Britain, to both ‘The Black Communities’ and to  individual Black people for the ‘Hurt and Anguish’ that they feel. This of course will come under the vague titles which we have all, heard so many times before, and, of course now we have a Government with no visible spine at all, they will probably get their way; by full use of that same ‘Blackmail Pressure’ basis now demonstrated to be most successful, all because one black man died at the hands of a white cop in Minneapolis!