So, I am forced to change.

I resent the fact that I now have to alter purchasing and banking arrangements that have been in place, in my personal life, for over thirty-five years. Solely because of the blackmail and blackguarding of companies, banks and insurance companies regarding their alleged involvement in financing, insuring and profiting from slavery over three centuries ago, these same banks, insurance companies and food companies have been  targeted and threatened by  the anarchistic, Marxist bunch of thugs marching under the common banner of blm.

So why do I have to alter my arrangements which have been cemented by my family’s liking for certain basic foodstuffs, my own banking arrangements? 

Simply because they give in to Blackmail, they give in to pressure, they ‘Apologise’, they ‘Understand’ and promise to donate to Black & Ethnic Communities for their alleged centuries-old wrongdoing! Put bluntly, they haven’t  got a firm pair  of balls between the whole bunch. So, I shall have to buy a different brand of Rice, because ‘Uncle Ben’s Rice’, produced, packaged and marketed by Mars Foods is  to ‘evolve’ and move away from the ‘racial stereotype of the black farmer’ because it may allegedly offend certain thin-skinned, over-sensitive types with a political axe to grind of their own

I shall be terminating  my banking arrangements, because the top people of my Bank haven’t got the moral courage to stand their ground and state, “We were once those people, but we are not any longer, and what is more, we haven’t  been those people for over two-odd centuries. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere, but we shall not budge; we shall not apologise for the actions of our commercial ancestors, and we do not apologise for who we are, and were!”

As the weeks go  by, I shall probably have to alter many things, but I shall not support any who buckle under the blackmail whip of this bunch of anarchists!  I have never been one for boycotts, for the cheap  alliances of bully boys, but I shall live my own life, and make my own choices, and would hope that many more will follow where I lead. I am an Englishman, I have only  ever knelt to one, and she still lives with me today. The only other I would kneel to is Her Majesty, if ever I was lucky enough to be near enough to renew a pledge of allegiance!