One brief moment of sunlight, amidst Covid-19’s gloom.

Over the past four-odd months, we  have watched and mourned our dead, families have, literally, pressed their  faces against windows to say a single ‘farewell’ to a loved one who lay, now unable to speak, in a ‘Care Home’ bed or a Hospital. The numbers  do not climb now;  but once rose so speedily, upon the charts which once gave the sad tidings, but now are less grave. ‘The Lockdowns’ are spoken of as though they will become a thing of the past; but the threat s still there, and all it takes is one foolish gathering, one insignificant party, and the threat is upon us once more. Britain now faces a Recession like no other, and, because our Government enabled it, we have to bear it.

But, in amongst all the economic gloom, amongst the prophets of doom amongst the ‘pubs, football clubs, holiday companies and airlines: all prophesying bankruptcy by mid-July if we have to keep one or two arms length apart; there is a single announcement that brings a warmth and gladness to my thoughts.

Yes indeed, the corona has found just one victim which I  applaud and welcome; Durham Miners Gala has been cancelled.  


By –, CC BY 2.0,

The photograph, as shown, is an incredible testament to the skill  of the photographer; as anyone who lives in Durham  City would know that the distance between the photographer and the Red facade of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop at the very top of the picture is, in fact; over half-a-kilometre