Terror murder in the Park!

Terror suspect arrested in Reading, after killing three, and injuring three others.

The big question is, when this lying murderous scumbag is brought before the laughable procedures which pass for Justice in this once-pleasant country, will he be allowed to  make a deal by confessing and pleading guilty; and thus obtain a lighter sentence than if he had been tried for his crimes? The same sort of deal which allowed Usman Khan out on Parole after only eight years, in order to attend a “Prisoner Rehabilitation Programme”! It seems Khan persuaded his parole contact that he should be able to travel to London unhindered by anyone else, and therefore was able to get into the meeting, armed with  two knives, with a fake suicide vest for good measure and sat quietly during the Cambridge University’s Learning Together “Five Year Celebration alumni event of a prisoner rehabilitation programme”: before commencing his murderous rampage. 

Following the attacks and of course the death of this murderer, lots of people were ‘outraged’ but Universities minister Chris Skidmore added his condolences, saying: “My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families of this senseless act of terror. In this darkest time, we should never lose sight of the fact that education transforms and can save lives too. The Learning Together programme should be celebrated for this.”

This is the sort of thinking which allows this scum into our Country in the first place. When will this Country learn that they lie, they lie, and they  lie again, in order to gain admission to this stupid Country, which then gives them sustenance. We should immediately disavow the whole Asylum system, ditch any international accords which prevent us from doing what should be done, find, detain and then expedite  the removal of every stinking lying bogus asylum-seeker from this Country.