Well, well, well. Labour’s actually got a Leader with a full pair.

Sir Keir Starmer proved today that, unlike the former leader, Magic Grandpa, he doesn’t need six committees, a year of debate and a further month of agonising: before firing someone who praises anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Seems as though some woman called Maxine Peake stated that “Systemic racism is a global issue,” Peake said in the interview. “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.”

This statement was immediately denied by the Israelis. 

But Rebecca Long-Bailey, who must have thought that Jeremy’s ghost was still hovering above the front benches, tweeted a link to  Maxine’s interview.

UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer on Thursday dismissed her immediately from the shadow cabinet for praising an interview with an actress who accused Israel of complicity in George Floyd’s killing.