Free Speech under threat?

We here in this once United Kingdom are woefully served, in terms of free and honest discussion; on literally any topic under the sun. Newspapers are, naturally, slanted towards the opinions of their editors and owners, but honest debate is really best served by television, or online. True, we have the monolithic organ voices uttered by the BBC, but that voice is strangely muted when it comes down to straight forward discussions on topics with vastly differing viewpoints. 

Our minds are flooded with left-wing viewpoints on every topic under the sun, and, usually but not always, they are given easy rides when it comes to political interviews. Compare and contrast the staccato, high-pressure interviews of Centrist British Government ministers, with the constant interruptions and over-talking of the interviewee, to the extent that they can hardly get two sentences out before the BBC voice shuts them off with another question. The Government had actually blacklisted the Today Programme after the General Election, as it was felt that they  would never get a fair shake, and it showed; but  the  Government relented when the Virus came down the track, and it was thought that the message needed to be got out on all Channels. In fact, it was on the Today Programme that I heard the Health Minister actually loose his cool, and protest that Nick Robinson wouldn’t even let him get two words out before interrupting him. Robinson didn’t even apologise, saying that there was a shortage of time!
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But why are there only eight?

I listened with half the usual  attention span as the thin acidic stream of urine a.k.a. Archbishop Welby pontificated during his three minutes of exposure on the BBC Today ‘Thoughts’ slot. He was describing the horror of visiting a overstretched hospital as it literally groaned under the weight of the virus, as he stated, “and this is a country with only Eight Ventilators for all those who need them.” He then blathered on about how we should all come together; blah blah etc. etc.

Now I don’t  know which Black African country he was visiting or describing, but, as readers may well know, there are many candidates.  But what I do know is that the age of ‘Colonialism’ left Africa many decades ago, so the fact that there are only eight ventilators within a country’s borders is not the fault of the former Colonial Power. 

But the question which surely should have been posed to  the Senior cleric of the Church of England, if such a question was in the minds of the BBC, is this: “Why doesn’t the Government of this nameless African country supply and fit out for use, ICU wards, complete with ventilators. Why don’t the citizens of these Countries rise up and DEMAND the necessary innovations in their hospitals, and in many other parts of the infrastructure? Why is it that we see, over and over, demands from hundred of charities in Britain on tv channels for us, the suckers for a sob story; to give, and of course give continuously: so that wells be dug, young female candidates for FGM and a VERY early marriage be given protection, and education; schools to be funded and equipped; and of course cash for hospitals and equipment? The questions are many, but from all these do-gooders, there is a very limited number of answers, and the final  reply is, usually, silence!

To my certain knowledge, there is at least one Black African country which has a Cathedral larger than St. Peter’s in Rome, Just think of the Ventilators which could’ve bought with the cash which was squandered on that totally empty monstrosity.