Free Speech under threat?

We here in this once United Kingdom are woefully served, in terms of free and honest discussion; on literally any topic under the sun. Newspapers are, naturally, slanted towards the opinions of their editors and owners, but honest debate is really best served by television, or online. True, we have the monolithic organ voices uttered by the BBC, but that voice is strangely muted when it comes down to straight forward discussions on topics with vastly differing viewpoints. 

Our minds are flooded with left-wing viewpoints on every topic under the sun, and, usually but not always, they are given easy rides when it comes to political interviews. Compare and contrast the staccato, high-pressure interviews of Centrist British Government ministers, with the constant interruptions and over-talking of the interviewee, to the extent that they can hardly get two sentences out before the BBC voice shuts them off with another question. The Government had actually blacklisted the Today Programme after the General Election, as it was felt that they  would never get a fair shake, and it showed; but  the  Government relented when the Virus came down the track, and it was thought that the message needed to be got out on all Channels. In fact, it was on the Today Programme that I heard the Health Minister actually loose his cool, and protest that Nick Robinson wouldn’t even let him get two words out before interrupting him. Robinson didn’t even apologise, saying that there was a shortage of time!


We used to have quality interview shows, when manners were observed, and visiting politicians were never harangued, or even ambushed. I remember the great interviewers such as Brian Walden. Such as he never harangued or interrupted anyone, he played the impartial observer, and his audiences were better informed because of his impartiality. Can you imagine an interview of someone whose role in politics is to question and debunk, say; the idea of Climate Change, or alleged Global Warming on a BBC programme? Thats right, it just wouldn’t happen; because the Word has come down from BBC-on-high that no-one will discuss the ‘settled science’ of Global Warming. Just take a speedy look at the vast array of sceptic sites and blogs, to understand that the so-called ‘Science’ is neither settled, nor undisputed. Just  ask yourself if the grave demeanour of Lord Lawson of Blaby would countenance his being associated with false calls regarding the Warming of the Globe; 

The shrewd rhetorician admitted that he was “not competent to pronounce on the science” and that he simply did not know whether climate change was taking place: “Within these four walls,” he said, “I have to confess to this ignorance”. But he was certain climate science “lacked integrity” and thought that even if climate change was indeed happening, the assumption that we should try to prevent it was a “great delusion”.

I would trade at least a year of my now long life for an hour on British T.V. with a political commentary show such as Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News. He is right-wing personified, but that doesn’t mean the GOP and the Right gets off scott free. But the real reason for my liking of such as he, is simply because the Left fear him above all else. He exposes their plots and planning strategies: in the words; “He tends to tell it like it is.”

When I hear of the elevation of Anne Foster, a political activist to join the BBC as BBC’s Head of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion from Sony Pictures Entertainment where she held the position of Director of Diversity, Leadership and Organisational Development, I wondered if one might enquire if anyone had thought the programming might be better; or indeed, in her zeal for diversity, how many white people faced dismissal in order to be more ‘inclusive’?. 

When Nigel Farage was sacked from LBC, the news was given a brief sub-headline; and that was it. The fact that Farage was sacked because of certain totally truthful remarks he made about blacklivesmatter. The LBC management received complaints about ‘yet more ‘inflammatory and ignorant comments’, such as Marxists, Communists’ against blacklivesmatter, and the backbone in LBC being akin to jellyfish: out he went, despite a huge audience.

The Left, the Elite, the ‘Remainers’ are still evident, and they will never give way to the Right; and it is our fault, because we just don’t speak up! We won the Brexit Referendum, but we very nearly lost it, because of the shenanigans of a bunch of Tory MPs, aided and abetted by Bercow, the worst Speaker in the Commons since 1376, when the Office was formalised.