One of the many things which remain to me a complete mystery is why many supporters of all major Football Clubs buy, at some considerable cost, ‘Replica Shirts’ featuring  their ‘heroes’ so that; presumably, they can imagine they are their real-life heroes. Or at least their kids, whose slim frames are those who will wear the ‘Replica’ image of their heroes. I say ‘the kids’, because the idea of the average Brit. football fan being the owner of the same athletic,  agile, super-fit frame and muscled body of one of those ‘heroes’ is, to put not a too fine a point on it: pushing reality a bit. They also buy the programmes, the scarves, the mugs (porcelain, naturally) and the rest of the garbage put out by the Marketing Departments, of all those clubs; especially for all the mugs (thats right, the clubs all look upon those who buy the tickets and the assorted garbage as ‘MUGS’) and fans to buy. It is exactly the same as the vast majority of airline staff look upon the passengers who used to climb the stairs, or tramp the endless yards towards the aircraft loading gates, and describe them as ‘Self-loading Cargo’.

As I have maybe stated before, I neither know, nor indeed care, about most sports,  and in particular Football. But I hear, through the world-wide grapevine that some football fans have decided that they are not going to be taken for ‘MUGS’ any longer.

Most football fans will have heard reported, or indeed seen, the video of a small aircraft towing a banner over Burnley football stadium; and the banner reading “White Lives Matter Burnley”’. The banner was flown at nearly the same time as the footballers were all ‘taking the knee’, in the stadium, in presumed support of the Marxist ‘blacklivesmatter’ bunch of anarchists. Faster than a speeding bullet, the Police investigated if there had been a breach of some Law or other, and, frustratingly to some; the answer came that ‘No apparent infringement of any Law had been detected. Detected! Lancashire police said that after assessing all the information available surrounding the incident, the force had concluded “that there are no criminal offences that have been disclosed at this time”. 

So, as no infringement had been detected, that would, or rather should; have been the end of the matter. But, far and near, ‘Offence’ had been taken. People had been ‘OFFENDED’, AND THIS WAS JUST INTOLERABLE!.

So the Diversity bandwagon was halted; and off popped, firstly Paradigm Precision Burnley, which makes aerospace components and is listed on Burnley football club’s website as a “connected member”, which allows it to secure discounted match tickets for its workers. Paradigm stated  “The matter is being taken very seriously and a full investigation is being carried out into the facts and potential breaches of a number of the company’s equality, diversity and social media policies. To be very clear, Paradigm does not condone racism in any form.”

Racism? What Racism? What had a man’s action outside of the workplace got to do with the Company?

Next Blackpool Airport. Blackpool airport said it would stop operating banner flights following an emergency review. Stephen Smith, the airport manager, said: “Blackpool airport and Blackpool council are outraged by this incident. We stand against racism of any kind and absolutely do not condone the activity. The message was offensive and the action reprehensible.”

Stand against Racism? What racism? The message was offensive? How? Who was offended? White People who live in Burnley? How were they offended? Black and Asian People who live in Burnley? Possibly because they weren’t mentioned? There probably wasn’t enough room on the ‘effing banner!

Next, up popped Iffy Onuora, the ‘equalities’ officer for the Professional Footballers’ Association,  (Naturally, as a more unequal lot of ‘divas’ couldn’t be found anywhere than the Professional Footballer’s Association) said on Tuesday he hoped the widespread condemnation of the banner would act as a catalyst for further conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement. He also said “The words themselves aren’t offensive, it’s just the context. It’s the rejection of the conversation we’re having at the moment. That’s what it represents,” Onoura told the BBC.”

And then he said the magic words; ““I guess people have the right to do it.” Yep, Iffy,  You got it right there, just for a change!

Jake Hepple has lost his job at a turbine factory over this, banned for life from Burnley and his girlfriend was fired from her job in a beauty salon because she allegedly refused to attend a ‘racial re-education’ class. If ever there was a great case for an Employment Tribunal, its this couple. They did nothing wrong!!! No Law was broken!!! But still Jake was fired, and his girl friend too, because she wouldn’t ‘Take The F***king Knee” and attend a bloody racial awareness class!

Some time back, I wrote of my memorable visit, during my Merchant Navy days; to the blood-stained Communist Regime in Romania, in a piece named Like waves, the memories come floating by! But even that savage regime couldn’t stand in comparison with their blood-brothers, the East German People’s paradise, complete with the World’s most intrusive and repressive Security apparatus, known and feared as the ‘Stasi’. With their nationwide filing system placing ‘Sister against Father’, and ‘Brother against Mother”, and all the microphones, and tapped telephones: along with the Re-education Classes: all standing together so that the repressed wouldn’t dream of the shining Western ‘FREE’ West Berlin Civilisation just over the barbed wire, past the anti-personnel land mines and the spotlight-wielding sharpshooters. I am reminded of those days, and of that fearsome regime, because, unless we are very, very careful, and as ruthless as our opponents, the glad-handers for the rabble who march under the ‘blm’ flag: the ‘Show Trials’ and the ‘Konzentrationslagern’ are just over the hill.

But, of course, I digress: back to the Footie! I mentioned earlier that the ‘MUGS’ were stirring from their torpor. It appears that some football clubs, despite being built and supported by working class mostly white Britons, in the case of Burnley since 1882,  now being actively racist towards those same white working class football supporters.

As Mr. Pat Condell (@patcondell on Parler) said: No law broken. Lifetime ban. #BurnleyFC is a racist club. The sooner it goes out of business the better. I’ve awarded myself a lifetime ban from woke corporate #PremierLeague football and cancelled a #SkySports subscription I’ve had for decades. #FootballHasBeenPoisoned.

The two faced attitude of Burnley FC, the blatant and one sided virtue signalling by those who own and manage the team along with pandering to the racialist Black Lives Matter movement has without a doubt pissed off many British football fans. They feel abandoned by the clubs that they’ve supported through thick and thin, often over three or more generations of supporters from the same family. They’ve bought the tickets, bought the programmes, the merchandise, the scarves and  the replica kits. These mostly white working class football fans have from their own pockets, given these clubs their existence. Yet when the chips are down these clubs turn their backs on the fans in order to virtue signal to a bunch of Black racists. 

There might be a ‘#DumpTheJunk’ event at Burnley FC’s ground on Saturday. All Burnley supporters are encouraged to go to the EMPTY ground on Saturday and bring the ‘Junk’ with them, and dump it outside the main gates. The Junk being the scarves, the shirts, the merchandise bought to support the club, the CL:UB which has now turned upon them, and bent the `knee’ and bowed their heads to the truly Marxist and Divisive ‘blacklivesmatter’. 

We see and read of the stars of the Premier League walking back from their ‘fervent displays’ of loyalty, once they ‘learned’ of the Marxist and anti-Semitic attitudes of the ‘blm’ bunch. Most of us, sensible, solid British people, who perhaps accept that there are injustices in America, but very, very few of the calibre of the death of George Floyd, would prefer to wait and see for themselves, rather than follow the cries and crowds of young Marxist agitators. We are therefore unimpressed when a singer comes along, but his song seems rather vague and less than pointed.

The #DumpTheJunk campaign has, hopefully, the potential to take off and be successful and really make the point that football fans are fed up with racist and virtue-signalling football clubs. The best signal, to my own mind, would be a simple statement; not in any broadsheet, certainly not in any fan magazine, but in the minds of the British fan, which says, “If you don’t like me, and you don’t like the way I think, then you’ll have to do without my cash, whether for a single match, or for a season ticket! If a fan says exactly what he thinks; and you ban him: well count me amongst the banned as well!”