So some black lives matter more than others?

We read today that the Caribbean fast bowler who was supposed to be England’s first line of attack (or whatever the optimal phrase is) has been kicked out of the squad because he took a 120 mile round trip to see (!!!!!!!) his girlfriend.

One does wonder whether this talented cricketer has the depth of character to continue in Test Cricket. The whole Test caravan has been isolated from everybody so that the series might not be placed at risk. Hells gates, even a bloke like me, who knows absolutely now’t about Sports in general, and cricket in particular, understand that the rules, however limiting and obnoxious, have to be obeyed.

Yet, this man breaks every rule in the book, in order to ‘See’ his girlfriend, and then expected to get away with it. He is regarded as a model for many young fans, and then he does something like this! The only thing to hang around this bloke’s neck is a big sign saying ‘I’m important, and I can do what I want.’

A final comment upon the maturity, or otherwise, of this truly talented but flawed individual, is the photo of Jofra Archer enjoying himself ‘Dancing’ at some party in the West Indies; as shown in the linked article.