Wise words; but will they be heard?

My silence over these past weeks was, and still is, because of a pervasive infection which has, literally, drained me of energy. However, upon reading a short piece in the Sunday Times which applauded the words of a Tennessee politician, I sought that speech out, and commented upon it. I copy that speech here.


Some may question the right of an Englishman to comment upon the speech of a Black Tennessee State Politician, but since this is possibly the first time I have heard any sense coming from any in opposition to the Republican Party, and its new Nominee for President; I thought I might avail myself of the freedom given all of us by the Internet to give my own personal viewpoint.


Listen again to the speech of Rep. DeBerry. Rep DeBerry’s words were persuasive because they were based upon facts, facts never in dispute. Rep. DeBerry spoke of a man whose dreams mostly came true, but now those very dreams are perceived to be in peril. He spoke of calm, considered and orderly discussions, not  of riot, not of fire-bombing and looting.


Rep. DeBerry is to be praised for his forbearance in not demanding instant retribution, because that is not the way of the Justice system in America; but I fear that his words will be ignored Why? Because the pictures and videos of the huge  damage perpetrated on the very Infrastructure of Kenosha will speak far louder than John DeBerry’s speech could ever do. The very fact that the vast majority of the Democratic Party machine have not issued any condemnation of the outcome; which makes parts of Kenosha resemble cities in Syria, will tell ordinary Americans that Democrats don’t care, and that the only people who do are the Trump Republicans.


I can just imagine the Party adverts spread access the t.v.. and online screens pointing the finger at the well-funded BLM bunch and of course their allies in the Democratic Party; showing Portland, Seattle, New York City; and now of course Kenosha; stating, with a well-founded authority: ‘All this is coming to Your Home, Your Town, Your City: if Joe Biden’s Democrats win the Election’.

So, my Capita friends, just try it!

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!