National Trust …..In the news again; for all the wrong reasons

Anyone who bought a Telegraph on Saturday last, or the Sunday Times on the following day, was faced with a weird advert, part of which is pictured below :-

The advert picture is that of a mountain pass, with part of a valley to one side, and; almost indistinguishable, two blokes walking up the valley side. The full advert wording reads “Everyone needs nature”, with the National Trust logo up above everything pictured..

Now, as we all should know and recognise by now, the Trust has been in the grasp of a series of bed-wetting Liberals for quite few years now. Remember Dame Helen Ghosh, and the pervert-homosexual-friendly  ‘rainbow’ ‘effing ABCX-supporting badges she was hoisting on the volunteers at Felbrigg Hall? She was also the perpetrator of the survey which asked of its volunteers the following questions:-

  • Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?”
  • Whether volunteers are “Trans” or “Non-binary”.
  • Respondents are asked to signal whether they are “Female”, “Male”, “Trans”, “Non-binary”, “Intersex”.
  • On sexual orientation, they are asked if they are “Bisexual”, a “Gay man”, a “Gay woman/lesbian”, “Heterosexual/straight”

But  the adverts were just the first volley, as it were. We now can view the ‘Shamed List’, as the National Trust has published all the properties which; (SHOCK; HORROR) “took compensation after the Slave Trade was abolished, (OR, EVEN WORSE), were associated with Colonialism! (Oh, the anguish)!

The National Trust has insisted it does not want to censor history, but that it has a duty to ensure its supporters and visitors know about the origins of some of its properties.

My Opinion; for what its worth? If these clowns are so ashamed of their own Country’s history; why don’t they  all resign from their extremely well-paid jobs, and hand them over to someone who doesn’t give two shits about the bloody history, or slaves, or being  really nice to a bunch of perverts: and just getting on with the job of preserving our Heritage, warts, carbuncles and all!