Without Fear or Favor

So goes the Oath (Inclusive of the spelling) spoken and taken by, amongst many, many other Americans, the new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

That simple statement, spoken under Oath, shows that no-one can claim, through friendship or political place; especial pleading or hopes of preferment because of any possible deal or promise. Which is as it should be.

So I just wonder what sort of pressure was brought to bear upon the officials and lead participants in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, so that entire towns, and the witnesses of sexual abuse within those towns, are barred from giving evidence of that systematic abuse and torture of overwhelmingly young White girls at the hands of Pakistani Muslims?

I reckon Professor Jay should overrule her advisers, lawyers, sidekicks and political cronies, and publicly demand that all those who wish to tell THEIR stories; again truthfully and indeed: WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR.

Conscience? Which Conscience is that?

Ever wished to visit or view the Nation’s Conscience? Me neither.

Did you, as a Brit, know that we had a Conscience?   Nope; me neither.

If you will settle back, I shall try and explain. Recall my post upon the proposed Holocaust Memorial? The one in Victoria Tower Gardens? Yep, thats the one.

Well, I had a think, and a bit longer think; and so decided to apply to speak during the Holocaust Memorial Inquiry; using my own Holocaust post words as a base. I said my piece last Wednesday. As an observer, my input may well be ignored by the Inspector, but at least I spoke, and was counted; in amongst the many who spoke against the proposal; including Westminster Council, the Friends of Victoria Park, heavyweights such as UNESCO; and many local residents; all desirous of making their contribution as part of local and indeed of national Democracy. The opposing side, in favour of this idea to somehow record the murder of Six Million Jews, were present as well, as can be seen from the many statements recorded; despite the fact that all the massacres took place in Germany, Russia and Poland.

But, we must get back to this idea that somehow, despite not really knowing what or why, we already have a Site of the National Conscience: almost by accident. In the Park, which is the target for building this £50- or £100-million Memorial, we have three memorials already. One is a statue to Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette cause of Women’s Voting. Another is the Buxton Memorial/drinking fountain which commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire, and to the memory of MPs whom were involved in this purpose.  We also nave a Copy casting of Rodin’s ‘The Burghers of Calais’, which is just a bit weird: mainly because the figures supposedly represent the surrender of the leaders of the starving City to the English armies which had besieged them for eleven months. How those defeated figures morph into part of Britain’s National Conscience is beyond me, apart from the theory that Queen Phillippa managed to get the leaders pardoned, instead of being executed. As the whole thing was done some eight hundred years ago; its more than difficult to determine: its bloody near impossible.

This weird idea that the Park is ‘The’ site, is partly political. There were originally twenty sites from which the Commission was supposed to choose from. It was only after a secret meeting in No. Ten, Downing Street that all these sites were discarded, and the Victoria Park site suddenly emerged as the ‘Chosen Place’. 

The ‘Conscience’ twaddle? That emerged as part of the Architects’ evidence, and from no other source. Over the years, I have had a fair bit to do with architects; I recall these interludes mainly because I also recall the number of times that these discussions were also arguments. They were always concerned about how things appeared or looked; whilst I was more concerned whether the items meshed, worked and delivered. I also firmly believe that architects don’t actually live in this world; but rather exist inside their own Universe, where the visitors to their creations follow their ideal about how their visitors’ minds work: instead of the real world, which is a much more difficult world to traverse.

One final point about my statement to the Inquiry, linked above. Some fifteen minutes before my streamed statement via Microsoft Teams was due to begin, I received an urgent email asking me to delete one small paragraph. These words held my considered opinion of the wartime German Nation as a whole, and my belief that a fairly large proportion of the Krauts knew all about the Final Solution, the Death Camps, the slave labour and the Concentration Camps. The sentences:-

Some 99.9% of the parents and families of those Ten
Thousand ‘Kindertransport’ children perished in the ovens of
the Nazi Death Machine; that same Machine which of course
was allegedly never known about, never revealed, and never ever
discussed by a totally “innocent” German population.
The very same population who roared their approval during
the Berlin and Munich monologues from their idol Adolf!

But I was specifically requested to delete the whole paragraph. Funny —- Peculiar!

They might as well have lined them against a wall, and pulled the bloody trigger!

I have read and seen, many times over the six decades I have taken any interest in politics; lies, bold lies, and politicians’ pronouncements.

But, this morning, in the lead stories within the pages of the Sunday Times, the truth is laid bare about the panic, the lies, the outright deadly f**king around with peoples’ lives, the steady flow of ’’covering their own arses’ bullshit from Conservative Ministers and politicians; along with the same deadly lie from the crowds of senior management bastards who infest the National Health Service.

When the truth is finally dragged out of this self-serving bunch of petty dictators: when the Inquiry is finally called: there should be PRISON SENTENCES awaiting them. 

The Sunday Times publishes, in four-and-a-half pages, a damning indictment of the panic, the wrong paths approved, the dodgy spreadsheets pushed by dodgy epidemiologists. It publishes the stories of the senior medical people who are too scared to let their names be known; for fear of losing their very livelihoods. BUT, come that day of reckoning, when the culprits will be forced to give their evidence at that Judicial Inquiry; then the families of those thousands of infirm and elderly people, left to die because they did not meet the criteria of an Unpublished Screening Document: unpublished, unaccountable: but widely used within this so-called NHS to screen out those who were unworthy of extra effort; THEN We might, just might, see Justice!

The Sunday Times piece is, unfortunately, paywalled., but I am calling for the publisher to allow free access, so that we can rise up and demand Justice for all those who died needlessly, so that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty can prance and pout in front of a tv camera.

If it gets stolen so easily: we just won’t stock it anymore!

I wrote a comment on a New York Times op-ed piece which featured the (to this observer) strange need of some women to alter their appearance with long wigs, creams and other artificial aids to ‘beauty’. As a mere man, and an elderly one as well, I just cannot comprehend the thought processes which pulls or pushes anybody, man or woman, to alter their appearance presumably to gain social or sexual success. But that’s just me.

My comments were aimed at the writer completely ignoring the fact that the crowd, who literally could not wait whilst the  female manager was fumbling with the keys, smashed the windows and looted the Korean-owned store: were all thieves, felons, criminals. 

Now while I can maybe comprehend that people who do not have access to much cash might shoplift or steal to feed their families: much as Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, speaking in a virtual TownHall meeting, stated that “So they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”, that applies to food, not expensive items which maybe make the user or wearer ‘feel good’.

I was reminded by the NBC ‘news’ piece about a strange (again, to me) ideal which made some women complain that they were being discriminated against when the ‘beauty products’ most popular and sought-after in major chain stores were placed behind glass cabinets protected by lock and key: so that whenever a customer wished to buy or check out any ‘Multi-Cultural Product’ the items had to be physically handed to the prospective customer. The truth; that these items were amongst the top tier of pilfered products is, perhaps in the land of “Black Lives really Matter”; immaterial it seems when the protection is described as ‘Racist: etc., etc,. Blah, blah, blah’. 

One presumes that the selection and purchase of these ‘glamour’ products will, or have already; morphed away from shops and supermarkets to ‘online’ only, where you have to front up your cash or credit card before gaining the aforementioned product. Serves them right!

Time indeed for a change!

As this writer looks forward gloomily to a semi-permanent time when I am summarily deprived of any meaningful contact with my grandchildren, I do wonder if there will will come a time when a majority of Tory politicians see sense, end this loony-tunes lockdown era; and institute a time when hospitals and the health workers are tested and protected, along with care homes and the elderly, and the rest of the population are trusted to take care, and take their own decisions as to the risk to themselves and those closest to them?

I continue to argue that Lord Sumption’s way is the right way. I accept that I wrote in favour of lockdowns, but that has proved to be incorrect. Time for a change!

A REAL Holocaust Memorial

I have watched and listened to this Tory Government make many promises, make a few correct decisions, such as the ‘Push for Brexit’, tarnished as it became with the full weight of the ‘Remain’ Establishment and the vocal support of a Speaker who had lost any pretence at impartiality; but, another three months, and we shall be out: Deal or No Deal. 

But its accomplishments pale into the shade, when  the mistakes are laid out and listed: such as the whole farrago of the CoronaVirus catastrophe, both in terms of health, and of the economy; of sticking with the sure lunacy of the so-called Climate Change Act, which will reduce us to penury within a decade; along with many more stupidities.

But I write today on a singularly crazy idea, grasped of course by this so-called Government because they love to be seen to be be ‘inclusive’ and full of ‘Diversity’’; along with being shown to be full-on opposed to any scent of Anti-Semitism. The proposal, turned flat down by a prescient Westminster City Council, was for the construction of a Holocaust Memorial; to be built along the shallow edge of Victoria Tower Gardens: which is a Grade II-listed park and forms a small triangular green space next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament – collectively designated as a World Heritage Site. 

My views on this abortion are many and varied, but the greatest objection is simply one of logistics; and, simply put states the blindingly obvious: You would have to travel to London to see the damn thing.   

When I was but thirteen years old, our History teacher told  all us schoolboys to read one book, and one book only, if we were to understand the greatest War ever fought. He told us that the Battles; of Kursk, of Britain, at Alamein, of Midway, Pearl Harbour and at Falaise; and of the massacres such as Oradour-sur-Glane, Babi-Yar could only be viewed in true perspective if we also understood the true history of the Nazi Reich from rise to fall: and this would and could be viewed in one book: namely the Scourge of the Swastika. As I turned the pages of that awful book, as I viewed the pin-sharp photographs of the lines of mass graves and dumping-grounds, filled with human skeletons, it was only then that I realised what the whole Allied World had been fighting against. Very few politicians of that decade understood the real threat of Hitler’s Third Reich. Winston Churchill did, but Neville Chamberlain took us into War only because Hitler invaded Poland. 

The true scale of the Nazi Atrocities, apart that is from the genocides practiced against the Occupied Nations, were only revealed when the Russians began overrunning the Death Camps like Auschwitz: and these discoveries were later confirmed after the British and Americans liberated such places as Belsen and Dachau. The unreal views of the living skeleton survivors, amidst the piles of dead, were remorselessly covered by the Allied Camera teams. This film was censored by the British and American Governments, and was only released a couple of years ago under the grim title; ‘Night Will Fall’

So, folks; here’s my proposal, which is to tear up and discard the proposal to build this weird and practically useless underground  so-called ‘Learning Centre’, together with these equally silly bronze fins which remind people of nothing at all: and instead fund the purchase of 90,000 hardback copies of ‘The Scourge of the Swastika’; along with the production and reproduction of 90,000 DVD copies of ‘Night Will Fall’. These items will be distributed amongst all, repeat ALL education establishments with an enrolled age of 15 years or older. The Book will form part of the Syllabus, along with timely showing of the DVD to those schools, colleges, Universities: so that the young can, should and will learn of the capacity, within a nation from whence sprang genius; of Man’s INHUMANITY to his fellow man.