They might as well have lined them against a wall, and pulled the bloody trigger!

I have read and seen, many times over the six decades I have taken any interest in politics; lies, bold lies, and politicians’ pronouncements.

But, this morning, in the lead stories within the pages of the Sunday Times, the truth is laid bare about the panic, the lies, the outright deadly f**king around with peoples’ lives, the steady flow of ’’covering their own arses’ bullshit from Conservative Ministers and politicians; along with the same deadly lie from the crowds of senior management bastards who infest the National Health Service.

When the truth is finally dragged out of this self-serving bunch of petty dictators: when the Inquiry is finally called: there should be PRISON SENTENCES awaiting them. 

The Sunday Times publishes, in four-and-a-half pages, a damning indictment of the panic, the wrong paths approved, the dodgy spreadsheets pushed by dodgy epidemiologists. It publishes the stories of the senior medical people who are too scared to let their names be known; for fear of losing their very livelihoods. BUT, come that day of reckoning, when the culprits will be forced to give their evidence at that Judicial Inquiry; then the families of those thousands of infirm and elderly people, left to die because they did not meet the criteria of an Unpublished Screening Document: unpublished, unaccountable: but widely used within this so-called NHS to screen out those who were unworthy of extra effort; THEN We might, just might, see Justice!

The Sunday Times piece is, unfortunately, paywalled., but I am calling for the publisher to allow free access, so that we can rise up and demand Justice for all those who died needlessly, so that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty can prance and pout in front of a tv camera.