Without Fear or Favor

So goes the Oath (Inclusive of the spelling) spoken and taken by, amongst many, many other Americans, the new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

That simple statement, spoken under Oath, shows that no-one can claim, through friendship or political place; especial pleading or hopes of preferment because of any possible deal or promise. Which is as it should be.

So I just wonder what sort of pressure was brought to bear upon the officials and lead participants in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, so that entire towns, and the witnesses of sexual abuse within those towns, are barred from giving evidence of that systematic abuse and torture of overwhelmingly young White girls at the hands of Pakistani Muslims?

I reckon Professor Jay should overrule her advisers, lawyers, sidekicks and political cronies, and publicly demand that all those who wish to tell THEIR stories; again truthfully and indeed: WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR.