Biden, Hunter: and the Deep State’s double standards.

When the name Edward Snowden appears, it is usually linked with the journalist Glenn Greenwald, for it was Greenwald who helped Snowden publish his damning set of files which disclosed the NSA’s blatant disregard for America’s Laws, amongst many other crimes. But it is Greenwald I write about today, because I admire a man with integrity by the bucketful, and Greenwald possesses more than one bucket.

Just consider the uproar, the shocked incredulity, the true banner headlines, if one of President Trump’s family had been found to have bought influence, peddled access to his President father, indulged in drug-soaked interludes. You could almost see the Articles of Impeachment, demanding that the Senate try this President for High Crimes and Misdemeanours, self-generating from the ‘truly-offended House Democrats, as they posed, and pouted, and yammered incessantly. And, if it were true: rightly so!

But, just step back and examine the lack of coverage, the casual brush-off that the New York Post’s headline story about the son of the Presidential Candidate. About the treasure trove of emails which point to years of influence peddling by Hunter Biden; about the meetings with ‘Big Joe’; about the millions of dollars allegedly slushing through the Biden family’s accounts. As with seemingly one voice, all the major news outlets sprinkle fairy dust around, and out of the haze appears the words, “Its all down to Russian Interference’. No proof at all, no journalistic push to even suggest that the ‘proof’ is just around the corner: Nope, it had to be Russia!  Couldn’t possibly be Joe and Hunter and the rest of the creepy clan who were about to claim the PRIZE which had been snatched from the Left’s grasp by the upstart billionaire who just wasn’t ‘one of us’!

But, back to Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald is a traditional leftist committed, above all, to forcing transparency on people who hold power. Years ago, Greenwald co-founded a news site called The Intercept. Thursday, he resigned. In a statement, Greenwald explained why:

“The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I removed all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.” 

Greenwald’s article is still available at Substack. Even after the Presidential Election, which still rumbles on, it is worth a read; just to examine how the Left’s minds work when they wish to cover something up. Remember the phrase ‘Fast and furious’? Nope, not the film, the legal but really badly thought through exercise in how, hopefully, to bring ‘Gun Control’ to America by the back door. That was down to Obama and his sidekick the then Attorney General Eric Holder. One American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry died from the gunfire of ‘Fast and Furious’ weaponry; one F&F weapon was recovered from the murderous idiot who tried to shoot up a ‘Draw Muhammad’ convention: and one F&F Barratt .50 calibre sniper rifle was recovered when drug kingpin El Chapo was arrested. Fourteen ATF agents were disciplined, but Holder, Obama? Not even a wrist slap!