We, The People;

The ‘ Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’. Sounds really good, when it is either read or spoken. Trouble is, as we all know in reality, the People in North Korea have no say in how they are ruled; there ain’t much Democracy around: and as for the term Republic. That definition reads as ‘a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch’.

Try telling  Supreme Leader Marshal of the Republic Kim Jong-un that his country’s name doesn’t quite ring true to the known facts. If you survive the assassination attempts by a nerve gas, even if you are a distant relative, you might find yourself tied to the muzzle of a large-calibre artillery piece. Our Li’l Kim just don’t take kindly to overt criticism.

I mention North Korea, which is ‘run’ as a true Communist State, along with all the trappings, mainly as an illustration of a truly repressive State, with Orwell’s phrase ‘Some are more Equal than others’ as the background noise of that truly unhappy country. The dictator’s rule is firmly enforced by the ruthless wielding of power by the World’s fourth largest standing Armed Forces.

Few people these days have witnessed the ‘rule of the gun’; as is of course standard fare in North Korea. I am of an age where I too have witnessed the ‘mailed fist’; as I recalled of the time when I was a young Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy.

Why write of a repressed people: why recall the actions of a group of armed and uniformed sadists? In truth, I have just finished possibly the most frightening book that I have ever read. It is a work of fiction, but every sentence, paragraph, chapter could, in truth be taken from an America which, if the forthcoming Court cases do not totally demolish the edifice of lies and corruption which comprise this attempt to subvert, suspend and overcome the Constitution upon which was founded America; could speedily come to a bleak, dark reality. 

The novel is entitled ‘People’s Republic’: it is the first of a group of five; and it is eerily prophetic. I cannot recall a novel which gave me the feeling that the writer had taken facts, speeches and future policies promised by various (Democratic Party) politicians; and brought them to life. I commend this work for the attention of both Republican and Democratic enthusiasts alike. You might not agree, many sceptics would simply dismiss the very idea: but I would suggest that anyone with perhaps a semi-open mind read what might: just might, be just around the corner!