Vaccine A blessing; or a curse in heavy disguise?

I am of two minds when it comes to vaccines. On the plus side of things, in my own youthful days, I was the recipient of individual smallpox and yellow fever inoculations. I had to have these, because it was a requirement of British Merchant Navy service. I had been infected through either school or family, by measles, mumps and whooping cough, so was immune to any repeats. I was also vaccinated against polio, the one disease, the effects of which I had personal knowledge, as a good mate of mine was stricken, and was forced to exist by virtue of an iron lung. As soon as Dr. Salk’s magical miracle became available, all my mates queued to sign up.

As to the negative side of things, I do believe that, whilst the vaccine manufacturers have, in general, followed the diktats of Hippocrates; they have been led down sidetracks because of the need to generate ever more profit by bowing to the marketplace. When a vaccine for, say, measles was released after extensive testing, all responsible families began arranging G.P. appointments, because measles, especially in later life, can have devastating consequences. A new vaccine for mumps appeared, and, again families commenced signing up, fearful of complications which hit hearing especially hard. A similar vaccine for rubella (a.k.a. German measles) came to market, and possibly because of fears regarding pregnant women who might be infected, was another marketing winner. 

A certain section of the public did not avail themselves of the definite protection given by these various vaccines; possibly because they were ill-educated and even more likely, because they were just plain ignorant and lazy, they failed to set the different appointments for the various vaccinations, and thus their children were not protected. The Marketing divisions of the pharmaceutical companies got to thinking, and decided to decrease the need for the constant appointments at clinics, and persuaded the Pharms bunch to meld the three main vaccines together, and: hey presto; the MMR vaccine was born. Born very conveniently without the publicity of the MMR overcoming sloth, ignorance and plain laziness by stating ‘no longer three visits, just once and you are done!’.

But, along comes Dr. Andrew Wakefield, with his theories about how a large viral overload, in certain situations, could be the forerunner of autism, where no autistic symptoms were known previously. His stance, publications and theories were debunked by a heavy onslaught from the medical establishment. Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his licence, and left for America.Was he treated unfairly? Not being of a medical background, I feel unable to comment, but that does not answer the anguished parents who send their seemingly healthy kids for MMR vaccination, and watch them reappear with strong autistic symptoms just a short time later. 

Myself? I seem to recall the post I wrote upon vaccinations, along with mention of the good Dr. Wakefield. I also recall the last time that the term ‘Pandemic was used, which was when the Swine Flu scare was around. One WHO ‘expert’ was seemingly on the level when he said “We use the word pandemic because it’s a combination of the ancient Greek words ‘pan’ meaning ‘everyone’ and ‘demic’ meaning ‘frighten the absolute living shit out of’.” I wrote about that as well.

But, it seems that, after over 52,000 deaths in the UK alone; the Chinese virus is not only extremely nasty to both elderly and vulnerable people, it ain’t no laughing matter. We here in GB&NI have access now to two vaccines, and, as I have a duty to protect myself, my truly vulnerable wife, along with the three small tornadoes masquerading as three of my four grandsons who live fairly close to me, I have signed up through my G.P., and when it arrives, I’ll be there.

Naz— whatever-her-name-is gets ever more newsprint

We are reminded, once again, of the sheer lunacy of an Iranian woman who had actually left that Muslim shithole to marry some English bloke, had a daughter: and then proceeded to go back into Iran for an f@*^^^ing holiday to see her parents ; STILL holding dual British-Iranian nationalities. The Times newspaper has both a full page comment piece; and an Editorial: about how Naz—whatever her name is, has been sold down the river, because the Brit Foreign Office (F.O.) has now admitted that no British passport holder, when overseas has any right to assistance from the F.O..

Now readers may well remember my prior posts about this truly stupid woman, who was warned about the sheer insanity of returning to a Muslim Mullah-ruled shithole, where normal rule-of-law just do not apply. Where they do not accept dual nationality status. Where they make the rules, in their country.

The Times reports that Naz— whatever-her-name-is is but another pawn in a diplomatic tussle between Great Britain and the Islamic Republic. The Shah’s Government ordered 1,750 Chieftain tanks from Vickers, a British manufacturer, and made a £400 million downpayment. Along comes Khomeini and the Revolution; up steps the bloody F.O., and says to Vickers “You can’t sell 1,750 tanks to a bunch of wild-eyed Muslims who preach world-wide death to the Unbelievers. Oh, and by the way, we’ll hang on to that £400 million; presumably on the basis of ‘Finders-Keepers’.

So Iran, especially after the Iran-Iraq war, being desperately short of cash, asked Gt. Britain for the return of all that cash, seeing as they didn’t have the tanks. Now no-one really knows why the Brit. Government said ‘Sorry, we’ve got the cash, but that was from the Shah’s Regime; you overthrew the Shah. etc. etc.’; but they did, and that is why the Iranians feel hard done by. The Americans had 4 US citizens held hostage by the Iranians, but they negotiated, and Obama paid up, and the hostages were promptly released. So why doesn’t the British Government do the same? After all, the cash belongs to the Iranian Govt. no matter how revolutionary they may be.

So, while the Brits refuse to negotiate,  Naz— whatever-her-name-is is stuck on parole in some Iranian suburb; still as silly and stupid as ever, and her equally stupid husband has a regular seat in the Foreign Office lobby. The only one I feel any sympathy for is the couple’s small daughter, stuck with her Iranian relatives. 

On this strangest of Christmas Days, I wish all readers the best of that which they hope for themselves.

On this Christmas Day, I break from most of my self-imposed traditions, and write of a man, who is but a fortnight younger than myself; with whom I am truly disgusted. 

Sir Cliff Richard, born Harry Webb to British parents in India, whose family migrated back to Gt. Britain after Indian Independence. His start and career in show business is catalogued in many places, so I shall not list it here, but suffice to say that he has remained a force for over five decades in an industry whose stars are often akin to comets; rising brightly and swiftly, but either equally swiftly diminishing in brightness, or diving into a life of excess fuelled by drink or drugs. Cliff Richard had found a foundation and life based upon Christianity, and has remained true to that belief for over four-odd decades; which belief is the source of my disgust and annoyance with this eighty-year-old millionaire.

In 2014 and unbeknownst to him, Sir Cliff Richard became the subject of a police investigation in relation to an allegation of a historic sex offence and was investigated as part of Operation Yewtree (“OYT”). South Yorkshire Police decided to cooperate with the BBC once the SYT learned that the BBC had been tipped off. SYP told the BBC the day before the search and confirmed the property details. The BBC arranged for journalists to attend and a helicopter was hired to film the search. They also sent journalists to Sir Cliff’s homes in Portugal and Barbados. The BBC was very anxious to protect their exclusive, did not consider privacy (only accuracy) and knew that the broadcast would have a serious impact.

The impact on the singer was such that, at one stage, he collapsed, stricken with anxiety under the intense pressure of the relentless investigation. A book deal collapsed, he even gained the attention of the US Immigration Authorities when suffering difficulties inbound to America, due solely to the adverse publicity.

But, eventually, he recovered, sued both SYT and the BBC, and won substantial damages, costs and apologies from both organisations.

But this morning, he was the guest who was due to be the ‘Castaway’ on Desert Island Discs, played on Radio 4 immediately after the Eight-o’Clock News. So this eighty-year-old entertainer, given this truly prime-time position on the airwaves of the BBC does what? He skims over this possibly career- and health destroying episode, towards the end of this musical interview. He virtually forgives, on prime time radio, the Corporation which had set out to publicise the search and possible arrest of himself, a public figure! He acted as he is, a truly Christian gentleman!

His actions and attitude disgust me! Placing myself in his shoes, during that interview for Desert Island Discs, I would have blasted the whole BBC, inclusive of all the senior management involved; along with the cretins from the South Yorkshire Police. In the legal arena, I would have pursued, individually, every BBC clown whose shadow had crossed the plot to publicise the search of his properties; and, if possible, bankrupted every one of them. 

I am truly disappointed in Sir Cliff Richard: unfortunately, a true Gentleman; in every sense of the word!

The Sun is dead right

Normally I discount  news titles such as the Sun as being unworthy of the title ‘Newspaper’. Its not being elitist, or snobbish: its just that I consider them suitable fare for the tables of greasy-spoon eateries, with their daily avalanche of gossip, soft-porn, tits, celeb-scandal ‘stories’; plus acres of sports coverage.

But I can now state that, in the true spirit of Journalism, and right at the very time when the installation might be so urgently needed: The Sun discloses that the NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL, built with Army help and planning,, has been literally torn down. That vast space, fitted with hugely expensive equipment to serve 4,000 virus patients, is now gutted; completely and utterly empty. 

From this:-

Nightingale no more .2

To This:-


Who gave the order to tear this expensive work down?

Close friends of Ming, from Mong; are both shocked and offended

Many, if not most, will have watched Flash Gordon, the sci-fi film which garnered more unintentional belly laughs than any episode of Dallas, The alleged ‘special effects’, inclusive of cardboard rocketships and Brian Blessed and his army of ‘Winged Horsemen’ were so awful that fans generated groups of ‘Flash’ worshippers. The so-called acting of the lead, Sam Jones, was so bad that he left the entire production immediately after the completion of filming. Dino de Laurentiis had arranged for Jones’ entire scenes to be dubbed with another actor’s voice.

But I do not write of Flash / Sam, or of a winged Brian Blessed; but instead of Flash Gordon’s nemesis; Ming the Merciless from the planet Mong. As the actor taking the role of Ming, from the planet Mong, was to be Max von Sydow, and all the make-up people had were photos of Charles Middleton made-up von sydowas Ming in the original film. As von Sydow is Swedish, but looks so Germanic that he would have been the perfect walk-on in a Riefenstahl documentary; they gave von Sydow a shiny black wig, a black beard and sideburns, and enhanced his eyebrows to look Oriental, as everyone accepted that the Commie Chinks were bad guys anyway, what with the fat paedophile Mao, now dead; along with the odd fifty millions who died as a result of his botched agriculture and industry plans. Remember that, folks: Ming the Merciless was from the Planet Mong!

So along comes the BBC, their Diversity and Racial Justice profilers panting to make a difference, and seize on this truly daft film, which everyone who has ever either seen it, or watched clips on the box knows that it was, truly, a daft, harmless film, played for laughs. So the Diversity and Racial Justice bunch, I kid you not, decides that the film’s directors have been really nasty to Orientals in general, and Max von Sydow.2von Sydow as Ming the Merciless besides being  one of the great screen villains; was also a “discriminatory stereotype”, according to the British Board of Film Classification.  Matt Tindall, senior policy officer, said: “Flash’s arch-nemesis, Ming the Merciless, is coded as an East Asian character due to his hair and make-up but he’s played by the Swedish actor, Max von Sydow, which I don’t think is something that would happen if this were a modern production and is something we’re also aware that viewers may find dubious, if not outright offensive. 


See that last bit? Ming the Merciless, a fictional screen character, in the eyes of the Beeb’s Diversity Clown Brigade; is actually offending some snowflake, because Max is Swedish! 

Whats gonna happen when the Election Theft is fully revealed?

IF. There is one phrase in this poem with which I would dissent from: the line being:-

 “And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings”

But, apart from that (to my own mind) small error on Kipling’s part, which glamourises gambling, I reckon that he sums up, in four octets, the personification of what it takes to have: a Code to live by.

I would now turn to two further items for both discussion and dissection.

The first ‘IF” is what made, or pushed, or indeed urged, Donald Trump to run for for the office of POTUS? It wasn’t for the money; he gave all his salary cheques away. You don’t get to run your own large custom-furnished Boeing 757 if you can’t lose it in the incidentals section of your accounts. Possibly he reckoned that he had a vision of what America could be, without the semi-paralysis of a two-Party system which had run things cosily for too many years. I doubt that even the Donald foresaw the fury from both sides of the aisle which brought on the spurious Impeachment fiasco, along with all the other attacks from both the Swamp and the Deep State; on both him and his Administration.

The second “IF” is what will happen in the minds of the one hundred & fifty-odd million Americans once they find out how much they have been lied to: since November 3rd. If the Trump campaign manages to get that Supreme Court to actually grow a brand new set, and accept one or more of the cases which have been travelling through the judicial thickets of the Lower Courts, both State and Federal. If; and even I have to admit it IS a big “IF”, they manage to to get the Court to review and rule on any number of affidavits of maladministration, outright fraud or malfeasance; and a further “IF” that the SCOTUS decision is that the lower Court’s decision to dismiss, or not to hear the evidence, was incorrect: such as the case in Pennysylvania, will the State Electors be ordered to deny Biden their number, and to deliver that number to Trump?

I am of course writing here as an Englishman, with quite probably an insufficient knowledge of the complex American judicial system, but hope that readers understand my drift.

But I think my point, as I made reference to the 150 million-odd Americans who have been denied, because of the Mainstream Media’s blank refusal to even admit; that there were and are many discrepancies in the November 3rd election totals and decisions, have not told their readers and viewers that such decisions are even a slim possibility! The ONLY broadcast news organisation which has performed its duties and obligations; to honestly tell its viewers what has been happening in the Electoral shenanigans which are the States’ Electoral Systems is One America News Network, but it has, I believe, a limited reach because it is not carried on the major Cable systems. If you ‘google’ it, the description comes up as a far-right, pro-Donald Trump cable channel: but, since the user is using Google, you get what the algorithms say you get. There are plenty of online rightwing websites; with possibly the ONLY one with worthy editorial aspirations being the Epoch Times, whose YouTube broadcasts are both illuminating and alarming.

We on the Right-wing of politics are well aware of the many, too many, statements of actions and decisions which, in at least five of the six ‘Swing States’ have allowed the outcomes to be at least given the possibility of legal challenge in front of a Court which is at least politically neutral, as the SCOTUS is supposed to be. As the SCOTUS is actually seen to have a conservative bias; possibly because a maverick President saw and seized upon just this possibility; the Trump campaign can but hope that the residents of that building, whose address is One, First Street, NE, Washington, DC will grasp the nettles, and decide; according to their interpretation of the Constitution: that President Trump really won, on that fateful day in early November.

The ‘Woke’s’ are at it again!

When it comes to ‘Woke’ statements, and other efforts to ridicule, despise and pour vitriol upon our history; I reckon that a new statement has a really good chance of being the silliest by far, of all those inane and equally silly statements produced by the various morons who throng the ranks of the truly stupid.

It seems that a painting by Lady Butler, named the Defence of Rorke’s Drift, owned and held by Her Majesty as part of her Royal Collection, has grievously offended the sensibilities of the august branch, or bunch; who are known as the Royal Collection’s Governing Trust. 

Seems as though this bunch of clowns has decided that the painting has been re-labelled because of its links to ‘Colonialism and Violence’. Not being truly ‘up-to-date’, especially in the field of lunatic liberal thoughts, or even thinking; I would have thought that the bloody title of that painting, posed by the men who fought and survived that amazing struggle, would have given the vaguest clue as to what it was really about. Three thousand-odd Zulus, fresh from the slaughter of some twelve hundred British Infantrymen at Isandlwana, surrounded the small missionary encampment at Rorke’s Drift, with the general idea of wiping out the small contingent of British soldiers stationed in that tiny outpost.

The station was garrisoned by men of B company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot (Later termed the South Wales Borderers). The garrison of the mission station comprised 8 officers and 131 non-commissioned ranks: plus Men of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Army Service Corps, Commissariat and Medical Corps. Of these 17 were killed and 10 wounded. The Zulu dead was thought to number around five hundred, but no serious body count was taken.

Mr Witt [drunken missionary about to the leave the compound]: “Death awaits you! You have made a covenant with death and with Hell you are in agreement! You’re all going to die! Don’t you realise? Can’t you see? You’re all going to die! DIE! Death awaits you all! You’re all going to die!

Private Cole: He’s right. Why is it us? Why us?

Colour Sgt. Bourne: Because we’re here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.”

The Collection Trust has thought to re-label the painting because of its links to ‘Colonialism and Violence’. Sorry, men of the Trust: the painting should in fact be renamed ‘The Battle for Survival of the British Soldiers at Rorke’s Drift’. It is ALL about violence: it was simply a case of “Kill, or be Killed”, and the sooner the members of that august Trust accept that some ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter that Much Anyway’, especially when they died some One Hundred and Forty-One Years ago: the better.

And we just have to take their (bent) word!

Remember? At the beginning of the 1980s, the British Government allowed blood products made in the US to become available to treat haemophiliacs in the United Kingdom. Despite assurances that the product called Factor 8 was safe, the imports from America were contaminated with hepatitis C and HIV. Each dose of Factor 8 came from thousands of US blood donors, but inadequate screening meant blood from high-risk populations, including prisoners and drug addicts, was used in its production. There was an Inquiry, all those affected were promised compensation, but most died before the Brit. bureaucracy sent the cheques out.

As a few may remember, I underwent major surgery on my body to allow removal of a large ‘nasty’ which had grown over a large area of my body; leaving me with the signature ‘mercedes’ scar some two feet long. I was in receipt of some seven-odd pints of blood, and I was grateful to both the surgeons and nursing staff, but also the Blood Transfusion Service. In earlier decades, I had donated blood many times, inclusive of one memorable day in Australia, so you could say I was just making a withdrawal from the bank.

But the basic thing of which I write is the fact that, until next summer, you could have complete faith in that same Blood Transfusion Service. Everything was double checked, the fatal transmission diseases were removed from the equation, and the defences regarding HIV and AIDs contamination from the homosexual contingent remained strong. But now, due to strong and intense propaganda from that same band, and after assurances were made that homosexuals who had remained in a ‘stable’ relationship for over a three month period were deemed to be disease free, and so from next summer, anyone who has the same sexual partner for more than three months will be eligible to donate blood if there is no known exposure to an STI or use of PreP or PEP, drugs that allegedly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

So, because a few fairies have pushed their point of view, and a bunch of bureaucrats have ignored the facts, especially regarding the fact that that particular bunch of perverts are well-known to be basically incapable of a monogamous relationship, we are all, once more, at risk of contracting a deadly disease because we mustn’t be guilty of ’Discriminatory Practices”

and yes; it is: even allowing for the delays & overruns: quite an achievement!

£Four Billions over budget.

By the time it will open it will be three years late.

The tunnelling and civils integration went as planned.

The huge order for the trains was completed and delivered, ready for trials.

The complex station building, integration with other TfL services, was the start of the delay timetable

The Virus hit the UK.

The management, the hierarchy, the planners; individually or a meld of all three; forgot to allow for the fact that the trains had to operate with THREE individual operating signalling and control systems.

But, and it is a strangely welcome BUT, from Abbey Wood to the sidings at Westbourne Park, in the shadows of the elevated Westway: in EIGHTEEN MINUTES AND FIFTY SECONDS, is no mean feat at all!

As Gordon said; “Greed is Good”


Most readers will know, to some extent, of the manner in which the materiel, equipment, clothing, many perishable foods and fruit bought either online or on the high street; are transported globally. They are loaded into shipping containers, and crammed on to ever-larger container ships; the latest example is capable of carrying 23,000 containers stacked full in the hold, and reaching ten TEU high for virtually the full length of that enormous vessel. 

The photograph featured is of the aftermath of a smaller ship, built to carry 14,000 containers, which, I presume, was sailed through a Force 11 storm without either reducing speed and manoeuvring so as to face into the waves. She is almost brand new, but by the looks of the catastrophe which is the state of the containers, less over some 1,500 which are now floating in the Pacific, the ship was subjected to giant storm-force waves coming virtually broadside on to the ten-high stacks of containers: ripping the steel tie-downs as though they were made of string.

The reasons for this commercial disaster, fortunately without loss of life, are, unfortunately, plainly visible to anyone with the slightest knowledge of global shipping operations. Ther shipping management and leasing companies pay huge sums of cash to speedily procure the cargoes carried by these behemoths, and it is a valiant captain who tells his management that he will have to either take a wide detour around a violent storm, or slow his vessel down, turn his ship into the wind, and wait out the time until the waves subside. 

There is only one characteristic, one motivation, which can make a captain depart from the needs of keeping his vessel safe: and that is simply GREED. Greed on the part of the management which pressures that captain to ignore safety, ignore everything but the needs of a greedy Owner or management company. We have had proof of that greed in action just a few years ago: and the ship was called El Faro.

And that, Folks: is Show Business

When I write about things which I like, all readers are able, and sometimes more than able, to comment upon those ‘likes’. That is, in essence, the whole idea of sites such as FP&P. It is a forum for ideas, for deeply-felt and long-held opinions. In the years since I began writing on this site, and latterly since David invited me to contribute to ATW’s sometimes forensic examination, I doubt very much If I have managed to change one reader or commenter’s mind; and that, folks is what it is all about. The posts which stick in mine own memory are but six. Five are caught together in this linked collage. The sixth is a purely personal one, when I wrote of the death, at an unseemly early age, of my young sister. That post, although not on ATW, was mentioned several times in my other posts.

So when I read of a American TV drama, featuring policemen, which literally goes against the flow, the grain, the ‘Accepted Thinking’ in one of its plotlines in the first show of its new series; I really think ‘Hoorah!’. When I read of the ‘Blue Bloods’ imaginary  NYPD Commissioner: who is so very, very different from real life; refusing, point blank, to allow the Marxist Ideology which is behind the BlackLivesMatter garbage to take centre stage, I literally had to stop and go over that piece once and again. When the imaginary City Council Speaker is demanding ‘defunding’ of the NYPD, and giving the cash to ‘The Community; the Commissioner stands tall and states, in so many words “Not in my City, Not on my Watch’.

Blue Bloods is, in my own opinion, firmly in the mould of great Police Process series, and has managed always to entertain, provoke and inform. The writers and cast have maintained a high standard, and the ‘Product’ has neither cheapened, nor gone off the patch. The show will probably be panned on all the media chat shows and editorials; but I’m firmly with ‘Commissioner Reagan’!

The Angry Silence

Slowly, sometimes very slowly, the layers are being peeled away from the true corruption which has literally been embedded, by Democratic Party operators and fellow travellers, in the Electoral Process of the United States.

When, and it is a big ‘WHEN’, the President’s legal teams finally achieve a breakthrough, and advance to the one building which has been their target all along; that building which houses the Supreme Court of the United States; the august top tier of American jurisprudence, the vast majority of America’s voters will be amazed, astonished and just plain angry.

Why angry?

For literally years, during the truly absurd vindictive charade of the Russia-Trump lies and propaganda, just about all of America’s news outlets and organs, inclusive of those who used to hold pride of place in the Integrity of their Journalism, have taken the side of the enemies of the Right Wing of America’s politics and politicians: and the greatest target of their spleen has been ‘That Man’: alias President Donald Trump. In the months preceding the November Election, the level of vitriol rose to new levels, in both print and broadcast media; inclusive of the defection of the once-solid Fox News, achieved because the owners of that organisation joined, with a wide grin, the ranks of his opponents.

The MSM media routinely refers to and dismisses President Trump’s electoral fraud and rigging claims; they merely state “No Evidence At All’. They don’t mention the multiple sworn affidavits regarding outright fraud and theft in States from Georgia to Pennysylvania. The vast majority of Americans have to rely on One America News Network for coverage untarnished by the Left; plus the many right-wing blogs and news sites. If they wished to watch anything else, the only segments are those of Tucker Carlsen and his buddies on Fox for balance: the rest are only fit for the raving lefties who need little encouragement to fan their obscene ideals. 

But when Trump’s legal team manages, finally, to get a fair hearing before SCOTUS: and, hopefully, a reversal of the outright theft of six States’ electoral processes; the huge portion of America’s millions who have been lied to consistently for years are gonna’ want a discussion of their own: and that will not be a pretty process!

Hong Kong ——- or Westminster?

The British Government has sent its sternest warnings to the Beijing Government over the new Security Law in Hong Kong. It has also joined the United States in warning its citizens of the possibility of arbitrary arrest, and the possible lack of legal representation. These actions follow the summer of Hong Kong students’ protests which pushed the (Beijing Puppet) Hong Kong Legislature to enact the National Security Law, which allows for extradition to mainland China and detention on the flimsiest of excuses. The British Government has strongly stated that the new security law are yet another breach of the ‘One Country: Two Systems’ ideals which followed unification.

Which seems a bit strange because the (Truly Politicised) Metropolitan Police is busy arresting ordinary Brits who are just protesting the various Virus Lockdowns that they, as well as many, many others, disagree with. That is all they are doing: Protesting!. And for that High Crime and Misdemeanour, a lady is taken, spreadeagled, to a police van!

I reckon that China ought to remind the British Government that ‘Sauce for goose’ works both ways!