Thar’s gold (and votes) all over the Dominion Software

I am a comparative ‘new guy’ when it comes to Twitter, searching, etc.; but tracking through the undergrowth; I found THIS:-

If you then go to the link, and investigate. you then find this small gem:-

Hong Kong ——- or Westminster?

The British Government has sent its sternest warnings to the Beijing Government over the new Security Law in Hong Kong. It has also joined the United States in warning its citizens of the possibility of arbitrary arrest, and the possible lack of legal representation. These actions follow the summer of Hong Kong students’ protests which pushed the (Beijing Puppet) Hong Kong Legislature to enact the National Security Law, which allows for extradition to mainland China and detention on the flimsiest of excuses. The British Government has strongly stated that the new security law are yet another breach of the ‘One Country: Two Systems’ ideals which followed unification.

Which seems a bit strange because the (Truly Politicised) Metropolitan Police is busy arresting ordinary Brits who are just protesting the various Virus Lockdowns that they, as well as many, many others, disagree with. That is all they are doing: Protesting!. And for that High Crime and Misdemeanour, a lady is taken, spreadeagled, to a police van!

I reckon that China ought to remind the British Government that ‘Sauce for goose’ works both ways!