And that, Folks: is Show Business

When I write about things which I like, all readers are able, and sometimes more than able, to comment upon those ‘likes’. That is, in essence, the whole idea of sites such as FP&P. It is a forum for ideas, for deeply-felt and long-held opinions. In the years since I began writing on this site, and latterly since David invited me to contribute to ATW’s sometimes forensic examination, I doubt very much If I have managed to change one reader or commenter’s mind; and that, folks is what it is all about. The posts which stick in mine own memory are but six. Five are caught together in this linked collage. The sixth is a purely personal one, when I wrote of the death, at an unseemly early age, of my young sister. That post, although not on ATW, was mentioned several times in my other posts.

So when I read of a American TV drama, featuring policemen, which literally goes against the flow, the grain, the ‘Accepted Thinking’ in one of its plotlines in the first show of its new series; I really think ‘Hoorah!’. When I read of the ‘Blue Bloods’ imaginary  NYPD Commissioner: who is so very, very different from real life; refusing, point blank, to allow the Marxist Ideology which is behind the BlackLivesMatter garbage to take centre stage, I literally had to stop and go over that piece once and again. When the imaginary City Council Speaker is demanding ‘defunding’ of the NYPD, and giving the cash to ‘The Community; the Commissioner stands tall and states, in so many words “Not in my City, Not on my Watch’.

Blue Bloods is, in my own opinion, firmly in the mould of great Police Process series, and has managed always to entertain, provoke and inform. The writers and cast have maintained a high standard, and the ‘Product’ has neither cheapened, nor gone off the patch. The show will probably be panned on all the media chat shows and editorials; but I’m firmly with ‘Commissioner Reagan’!