And we just have to take their (bent) word!

Remember? At the beginning of the 1980s, the British Government allowed blood products made in the US to become available to treat haemophiliacs in the United Kingdom. Despite assurances that the product called Factor 8 was safe, the imports from America were contaminated with hepatitis C and HIV. Each dose of Factor 8 came from thousands of US blood donors, but inadequate screening meant blood from high-risk populations, including prisoners and drug addicts, was used in its production. There was an Inquiry, all those affected were promised compensation, but most died before the Brit. bureaucracy sent the cheques out.

As a few may remember, I underwent major surgery on my body to allow removal of a large ‘nasty’ which had grown over a large area of my body; leaving me with the signature ‘mercedes’ scar some two feet long. I was in receipt of some seven-odd pints of blood, and I was grateful to both the surgeons and nursing staff, but also the Blood Transfusion Service. In earlier decades, I had donated blood many times, inclusive of one memorable day in Australia, so you could say I was just making a withdrawal from the bank.

But the basic thing of which I write is the fact that, until next summer, you could have complete faith in that same Blood Transfusion Service. Everything was double checked, the fatal transmission diseases were removed from the equation, and the defences regarding HIV and AIDs contamination from the homosexual contingent remained strong. But now, due to strong and intense propaganda from that same band, and after assurances were made that homosexuals who had remained in a ‘stable’ relationship for over a three month period were deemed to be disease free, and so from next summer, anyone who has the same sexual partner for more than three months will be eligible to donate blood if there is no known exposure to an STI or use of PreP or PEP, drugs that allegedly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

So, because a few fairies have pushed their point of view, and a bunch of bureaucrats have ignored the facts, especially regarding the fact that that particular bunch of perverts are well-known to be basically incapable of a monogamous relationship, we are all, once more, at risk of contracting a deadly disease because we mustn’t be guilty of ’Discriminatory Practices”

and yes; it is: even allowing for the delays & overruns: quite an achievement!

£Four Billions over budget.

By the time it will open it will be three years late.

The tunnelling and civils integration went as planned.

The huge order for the trains was completed and delivered, ready for trials.

The complex station building, integration with other TfL services, was the start of the delay timetable

The Virus hit the UK.

The management, the hierarchy, the planners; individually or a meld of all three; forgot to allow for the fact that the trains had to operate with THREE individual operating signalling and control systems.

But, and it is a strangely welcome BUT, from Abbey Wood to the sidings at Westbourne Park, in the shadows of the elevated Westway: in EIGHTEEN MINUTES AND FIFTY SECONDS, is no mean feat at all!