Whats gonna happen when the Election Theft is fully revealed?

IF. There is one phrase in this poem with which I would dissent from: the line being:-

 “And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings”

But, apart from that (to my own mind) small error on Kipling’s part, which glamourises gambling, I reckon that he sums up, in four octets, the personification of what it takes to have: a Code to live by.

I would now turn to two further items for both discussion and dissection.

The first ‘IF” is what made, or pushed, or indeed urged, Donald Trump to run for for the office of POTUS? It wasn’t for the money; he gave all his salary cheques away. You don’t get to run your own large custom-furnished Boeing 757 if you can’t lose it in the incidentals section of your accounts. Possibly he reckoned that he had a vision of what America could be, without the semi-paralysis of a two-Party system which had run things cosily for too many years. I doubt that even the Donald foresaw the fury from both sides of the aisle which brought on the spurious Impeachment fiasco, along with all the other attacks from both the Swamp and the Deep State; on both him and his Administration.

The second “IF” is what will happen in the minds of the one hundred & fifty-odd million Americans once they find out how much they have been lied to: since November 3rd. If the Trump campaign manages to get that Supreme Court to actually grow a brand new set, and accept one or more of the cases which have been travelling through the judicial thickets of the Lower Courts, both State and Federal. If; and even I have to admit it IS a big “IF”, they manage to to get the Court to review and rule on any number of affidavits of maladministration, outright fraud or malfeasance; and a further “IF” that the SCOTUS decision is that the lower Court’s decision to dismiss, or not to hear the evidence, was incorrect: such as the case in Pennysylvania, will the State Electors be ordered to deny Biden their number, and to deliver that number to Trump?

I am of course writing here as an Englishman, with quite probably an insufficient knowledge of the complex American judicial system, but hope that readers understand my drift.

But I think my point, as I made reference to the 150 million-odd Americans who have been denied, because of the Mainstream Media’s blank refusal to even admit; that there were and are many discrepancies in the November 3rd election totals and decisions, have not told their readers and viewers that such decisions are even a slim possibility! The ONLY broadcast news organisation which has performed its duties and obligations; to honestly tell its viewers what has been happening in the Electoral shenanigans which are the States’ Electoral Systems is One America News Network, but it has, I believe, a limited reach because it is not carried on the major Cable systems. If you ‘google’ it, the description comes up as a far-right, pro-Donald Trump cable channel: but, since the user is using Google, you get what the algorithms say you get. There are plenty of online rightwing websites; with possibly the ONLY one with worthy editorial aspirations being the Epoch Times, whose YouTube broadcasts are both illuminating and alarming.

We on the Right-wing of politics are well aware of the many, too many, statements of actions and decisions which, in at least five of the six ‘Swing States’ have allowed the outcomes to be at least given the possibility of legal challenge in front of a Court which is at least politically neutral, as the SCOTUS is supposed to be. As the SCOTUS is actually seen to have a conservative bias; possibly because a maverick President saw and seized upon just this possibility; the Trump campaign can but hope that the residents of that building, whose address is One, First Street, NE, Washington, DC will grasp the nettles, and decide; according to their interpretation of the Constitution: that President Trump really won, on that fateful day in early November.