The Sun is dead right

Normally I discount  news titles such as the Sun as being unworthy of the title ‘Newspaper’. Its not being elitist, or snobbish: its just that I consider them suitable fare for the tables of greasy-spoon eateries, with their daily avalanche of gossip, soft-porn, tits, celeb-scandal ‘stories’; plus acres of sports coverage.

But I can now state that, in the true spirit of Journalism, and right at the very time when the installation might be so urgently needed: The Sun discloses that the NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL, built with Army help and planning,, has been literally torn down. That vast space, fitted with hugely expensive equipment to serve 4,000 virus patients, is now gutted; completely and utterly empty. 

From this:-

Nightingale no more .2

To This:-


Who gave the order to tear this expensive work down?