Death lurks in the Wendy House?

One of my long-time life notes or phrases to live by, is put simply:- ‘Mind your own business, and let others mind theirs’. Or, to put it another way, ‘Always try to know the full Story, before pushing yourself or your voice into another’s argument.’ As with the individual, so with British Society. We, as a meld of the four Nations which make up Great Britain and Northern Ireland, used to live in amity with our neighbours, with scarcely a bad word to be heard. True, there were always the ‘neighbours from hell’, but fortunately they were few and far between.

But, suddenly, the whole ethos has altered, has changed, seemingly irrevocably. This change has been brought about by politicians telling us that we had to inform on our neighbour because they were ‘breaking the Virus rules’. The Police, seemingly ever eager to do anything apart from the job they are supposed and employed to do; which of course is to detect and solve crimes; and to allow law-abiding people to go about their lawful business: are also seemingly keen to check and apprehend ‘Virus Law Breakers’.

This can best be seen in such cases as the sixty-tear-old fashion designer who had been hosting a church meeting with four other ladies to discuss progress with a support group they were all involved with. The ‘Heavy Mob’ of two six-foot Metropolitan Police arrived, as a ‘concerned neighbour’ had reported that a group of women were breaking the law by meeting in a Wendy House in this lady’s garden.

So never mind that dangerous drugs are so easily available that you might assume they can arrive by an Amazon parcel, never mind that many young Black men are literally dying on certain estates from knife wounds, never mind that some three thousand high-priority Muslim fanatics are being viewed as possible terror planners: as long as our Gardens are made safe from unauthorised Ladies meetings who might be spreading either Covid-19 or words of sympathy: then thats all right then; I’nnit?