The date which rules our fates!

I received word yesterday that I had been given a vaccination appointment. I am not a ‘specially vulnerable’ person, neither am I a member of a group who, because of their race, ethnic origin, skin colour, work, or some other statistic anomaly; claim that their needs are greater than mine. Nope, I qualify for one reason only, that being the date on which I was born. I welcome the news, because I will be less of a threat to the health of my wife, who is an ‘especially vulnerable person’, and because, in two or three weeks time, I shall be able to meet face to face with my three grandsons. My brother, along with his wife, have already received the first dose, and are awaiting their second appointment date.

Multiply me by around ten million, and you get some idea of the mammoth task awaiting hospital senior staff and general practitioners the length and breadth of these Islands. I shall be receiving the Pfizer vaccine, located and administered in some god-forsaken village miles from where i live; that site chosen possibly because it has a large parking area convenient to the surgery; along with sufficient reliable freezer capacity. When the home-grown AstraZeneca product becomes available, the necessity of freezer capacity falls away, and the distribution effort can and should be ramped up on a logarithmic basis, with vaccine availability being available through local pharmacies and G.P. Surgeries nationwide: on an age-basis only, with no special treatment apart from Frontline NHS staff and Care Home staff and residents alone.