At a time and place to be determined…

I am always positive when discussing the Death Penalty. I firmly believe that a great deal of violent crime, from which resulted the death of an innocent; would be chopped to less than 10 percent, if the perpetrator or planner of that crime knew that, if apprehended and convicted, at the end of a dry and legal journey; there would be slow walk to a noose and a six-foot drop.

An old-style police sergeant acquaintance from the days of my youth once told my Dad and I that he had to face down a shotgun-wielding thief who had been caught, literally, red-handed. As this moron leveled the twin-barrelled weapon at the two policemen confronting him, this sergeant told us what he had said. “I told him plainly that he could well gun us both down, but he was already identified, and if he fired; the charge could only be one of cold, calculated murder. His name would be written on a diary, that appointment would have ended in the State killing him, and the hanging party would then proceed to have a good breakfast!” After one minute, the shotgun was broken open and surrendered, the thief got seven years in jail.

When murderer Michael Adebowale and his sidekick killed Lee Rigby, there wasn’t the slightest chance of him suffering swift justice from a hangman, mainly because we were still members of the EU, which ‘abhors’ the death penalty. Adebowale got forty-five years for the sadistic slaughter of Fusilier Rigby, but now apparently lies breathing oxygen on an ICU Covid ward.

My own verdict?

Turn the oxygen off.