I write of an amazing man

Just over one hundred years ago, the infant was born who grew up to be, in the eyes of many, the epitome of the true hero, Captain Sir Tom Moore.

After a lifetime of service to his nation, this slightly crumpled ex-military man decided that he, a man who now only moved courtesy of a slightly-posh version of a zimmer frame, should do something to help and aid the NHS. He wanted to salute the work that the whole Service was doing in combating this Virus which had originated in China, and was busy ravaging all of Europe, the British Isles and ever onwards.

He decided that her would set himself a target of One Hundred circuits of his garden, hoping that, through his efforts, he might raise £1,000 for NHS Charities. As chance would have it, the story of this small, indomitable figure pushing his walking frame caught more that the public’s imagination; I believe the term applicable would be ‘Captain Tom went viral’. His efforts raised over £30 millions for those Charities, as well as the Post Office having to set up a special Sorting Office to cope with the 140,000 birthday cards sent from around the world. 

He was the recipient of a major fly-past with both Hurricanes and Spitfires, again on his birthday.

He was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to Charity.

He died after a brief battle with that same Virus which had brought him to fame.

Farewell, Captain Sir Tom Moore; the Elysian Fields will have no stronger or more welcome competitor than yourself!