“and here is Our version of The News”

As ever, the BBC flagship news and comment programme BBC Today was in form when broadcasting and commenting upon the Senate ‘Impeachment’ trial, or rather as the BBC stressed; the ‘Second Impeachment’ trial of President Donald Trump in 13 months. They broadcast recorded segments of ‘panicked’ Capitol police officers calls during the advance, they also broadcast sectors of the House guys in their denunciation of the President and his ‘Calls for Insurrection’. 

But the words we shall not hear, from either the House managers or the BBC fellow-travellers, are the actual words of President Trump, when he said “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”.

The House managers played their videos, and voices cracked as Senators denounced the attackers, This was all covered, in detail, by that same BBC.

I now await the President’s defence. I just wonder how much detail, how much verbatim evidence, will be broadcast, to a BBC British audience?

Will it be down to the same detail as that of the House prosecutors? 

Will the other small detail of the 2nd Impeachment being called with absolutely no hearings, no  calls for evidence be even mentioned by that same BBC?

Will that small detail of the utter failure of that first Impeachment be mentioned, even in passing, especially by a bunch of Trump-hating BBC ‘journalists ?