At last, A Senior Tory Minister With the Right Attitude

Home Secretary Priti Patel has levelled her weaponry, and blasted both barrels at the BLM bunch, with their feigned outrage at everything White and thus Racist; along with everything else they detest.

In an interview on LBC’s Call the Cabinet, this lady tells it like it is. Asked about last years ‘Taking the  Knee’ protests, and the BLM protests in general, and asked if she would adopt the symbol of injustice, the Home Secretary said: “No I would not. There are other ways in which people can express their opinions.”

Criticising the targeting of statues, Ms Patel added: “Protesting in the way in which people did last summer was not the right way at all. 

“We saw statues being brought down,” she said, adding: “Some councils making, quite frankly, a stance around statues and street names. There are other ways in which those discussions can take place.”

My only hope is that this lady gives those same forthright opinions to the various Chief Constables and the truly ridiculous Crime Commissioners who are supposed to ‘preserve the peace’ in England. The disgraceful manner in which BLM clowns marched in paramilitary fashion in Brixton without any attempt made to curb this truly menacing display is but typical of present-day policing in England today.

Will her statements bring the BLM and other marxist endeavours to heel? Knowing the present standards of lax policing, I doubt it very much.