So whats on the Box ternite, Then?

I don’t watch much live television these days. The News broadcasts are, across all spectrums, basically biased in favour of the Left, the Woke, the hysterical and the massed bands of looney-tunes which follow wherever their Marxist leaders call. Most so-called ‘popular’ broadcasts, whether Soaps, ‘Diversified’ crap such as ‘Strictly’, with its same-sex couple dancing; all the quiz show timefillers, (With the honourable exception of ‘Would I Lie To You’) are just as bad. One of the very few Channels which consistently gets my view is ‘Talking Pictures TV’. It features old time films, tv series of the sixties and seventies and sometimes small gems which have been hidden from view for decades. It may well be nostalgic, but those films, those series were true to life as I remember it. However, even TPTV has been MADE to adapt to the ‘easily offended’ and otherwise ‘woke’ audiences by placing a warning about outdated views, language etc; although how anyone can watch this old-time stuff without being aware that, for some people, some language or attitude which hasn’t passed the ‘woke sniff test’ is quite possibly being broadcast to the masses. 

These ‘trigger warnings’ designed to warn the average snowflake, along with self-appointed social justice warriors just get right up my nose. When are we going to see warnings such as ‘the following programme contains gratuitous scenes of simulated same-sex intercourse, which, although legal, may upset those who firmly believe that homosexuality is wrong”; or “the following televised football game may show some players ‘taking the knee’, or adverts for the Marxist bunch known by the misleading title Black Lives Matter’. Although, again speaking personally, you wouldn’t find my remote within a light year of accessing any sports programmes; as I consider them all to be akin to the old ideal of the Roman Empire’s ‘bread and circuses’ pap for the masses.

Small gems which have appeared on TPTV, such as The Small Back Room are now in peril because TPTV has been threatened by an OFCOM investigation because there was a complaint about a showing of series episode on Boxing Day which featured a cast character in BLACKFACE. As Colonel Kurtz might remark, “The Horror, The Horror!’ This small channel, run by a father/daughter combination from a garden shed in Watford, would be financially crippled if stung with a hefty fine from OFCOM. Former BBC chairman Michael Grade stated that he has written to the regulator calling the decision ‘a serious error of judgment and a worrying precedent’. Grade says the investigation into Talking Pictures — which attracts 3.5 million viewers a week — seeks only to ‘patronise, infantilise and demean the intelligence’ of the audience.

So, remember this, when your parents possibly cannot watch films made when THEY were young, this all came about because of ONE complaint from some OFFENDED WOKE CNUT, about a Blackfaced character, in a series which is no longer made, and was shown on Boxing Day, together with that ‘woke warning’; so beloved of those all so easily ‘offended’!