Never mind the plot, check out ‘The Good Guys’

I watched a film called ‘Skyscraper’ on Netflix a few months back. The lead ‘actor’, as he was described in the promotion blurbs, was Dwayne Johnson, an alarmingly tall, one-legged ( lost the leg and his career) uber-muscled bloke who climbs, jumps and runs INTO a Hong-Kong based super-tall burning building whilst attempting to rescue his family; who are of course trapped inside this same building.To describe the plot is beyond my memory banks, but the whole burning building thing was created using Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI), so the whole flames, burning skyscraper, crane-jumping thing lost an impact because it was so obviously false.

But the single thing which prompted my interest was the fact that, apart that is from Dwayne and his family, all the ‘Good Guys’ i.e the police, both local and national; were all Chinese: and all the bad guys, were either European Whites, Brown or Black. Could this have been due to the fact that the vast majority of the cash came from Mainland Chinese sources? And we just don’t want to upset ‘The Money’?