Rangers Fans = Multiple Morons



I do not often comment upon the “antics’, understandable or otherwise, of football fans. I find their addiction to be on the borderline between tribalism and just plain stupidity. Some fifty-odd years ago, support for a ‘Team’ was understandable, because the members/players of that Team were, in the main, locals. Boys, spotted and groomed (in the true sense of the word) to become part of a football club’s future squad. That was both understandable and accepted. Two things intervened: global television; and the huge amounts of cash splashed out on young men of undoubted talent from countries where such a talent is the key to such a change in circumstances as to be almost miraculous.

But the attitude of the ‘fan’ mentality has also morphed into something approaching a ‘MOB’  mentality. Because Rangers are approaching a position where they will win the Championship of their league, and also because of that same “MOB’ mentality which seems to rule in the morons’ minds, literally thousands of these morons gathered  outside the Rangers’ ground even thought they knew that no-one, match or no match, would be allowed in to that same ground, because of Virus Pandemic restrictions.

I would however, publish an apology to the average moron in GB&NI, as even they have more sense than this bunch of screeching, shouting f***ing  idiots.