Has Boris’ birthed a new Northern Ireland ’Troubled Times’?




There are few times when, once I read a well-researched piece on strife-possibilities in Northern Ireland, I seat myself down and write in worried approbation of the thinking behind that same piece of writing..

For decades, the true source of the terror, the danger and the bloodshed in that sadly beautiful Province stemmed from the IRA. The bombs, the bullets and the bullshit gained those same criminal terrorists, for that is exactly what they were, the finality of the almost complete surrender of the British Government: when the ‘Peace Process’ was completed and the surrender was formalised in the Belfast Declaration; a.k.a. The Good Friday Agreement. The grinning killers gained their foothold in the Stormont Devolved Government, the rifles were carefully greased and safely stored away, the murderous assaults on the democratic process ceased, the Police became both neutralised and politicised; and ‘Peace’ sort of became a tenuous reality. 

But then, after some three decades of trying, Nigel Farage’s long struggle against the European Union gained new strength with the advent of YouTube, and the push began to get a Referendum on Britain’s membership of that same E.U. project. Ex-Prime Minister Cameron saw the writing on the wall, he went to Europe and pleaded with the Commission to reduce the amount of sheer bullshit which was being poured over British heads as part of that same EU membership. He returned with less than ‘Sweet F** All’ for his pains, but, convinced that with the firepower of Government, big business and the whole ‘Remain’ establishment behind him, he fatally agreed that that same Referendum would take place. The whole world now knows how wrong he was in his view of that same ideal.

Being the true coward which he was, the day that Great Britain & Northern Ireland spoke and literally spat in his face; was the day that Cameron resigned. Four years were lost as the Theresa May premiership farce played out, four years in which traitors within Parliament very nearly aborted the whole Referendum process; and the Abortion known as the Withdrawal Agreement, tying GB&NI to innumerable EU strands was signed, but also when Bioris Johnson achieved his goal of becoming Prime Minister. He galvanised the Leave process. Airily stating, amongst many other lies that there would be “Unfettered trade across the Irish Sea”; as well as “No forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind”. He also swore that ‘There would be an Irish Sea border ‘Over My Dead Body’ “. 

He also forgot  to mention that in amongst the hundreds of pages which formed the Brexit Agreement, the Brexit’s Northern Ireland Protocol was giving the EU total control over what was imported into Northern Ireland, in terms of the thousands of clauses which had conveniently been forgotten during the long years of our EU Membership. All this so that he could claim, loudly and continuously, that there would be “No hard Border between The Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

The endless truck ‘delays’ whilst paperwork was scrutinised and, many times, rejected. Empty shelves, and all manner of items either dellayed or rejected. The EU’s deliberate appropriation and intrusion into the traffic between a United Kingdom Province and the Mainland: all because of the ‘sacred pledge’ of no hard border’ between NI and the Republic, has stirred thoughts and plans from those other truly dangerous elements, long supposed to be dormant; who go by the initials UDA, UVF, and the Red Hand.

These three organisations, loyal to the idea and philosophies of Unionism, are but so different to the politicians who prance around paying lip service to the Union of the four Provinces. Members of these organisations are also amongst those who have done hard time in Northern Irish prisons.

The warnings contained within the Sunday Times piece (paywalled, unfortunately) are short, but foreboding. “We’re majorly concerned that there is a perfect storm brewing. We saw the consequences of violence. We saw it prosecuted upon us; and by us: and its not somewhere we want to go back to!