Not so funny, after all!



The block of time given by BBC; namely from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. to the ‘Chariddeee’ labelled ‘Comic Relief’ in the programme listings for tonight, says a great deal, but misses out some vital statistics.

It gives the names of all these so-called ‘stars’ and ‘celebrities’ who are supposed to be delivering ‘hilarious sketches’ and ‘live performances’, in order to raise millions for ‘good causes’.

Those ‘missing’ statistics?

They may have raised some £60 millions for ‘Charriddee’;


Comic Relief spent £13.7m on staff costs, as well as additional redundancy costs of £39,000. Five members of staff earned more than £100,000 and the chief executive received £200,000, consisting of £176,000 salary and back payments totalling £24,000.

Me? I reserve my donations for people who really deliver; quietly, anonymously, and in the real spirit of Charity