We don’t need another Holocaust Memorial.

The Holocaust already is embedded in World History, so why spend £100 million building yet another Memorial, to be built amidst the uprooted trees and bulldozed grass, slap bang in the middle of the British Parliamentary Estate. 

They had a hugely expensive Public Enquiry, just about every local resident and many influential community groups spoke against it, Even I, a lone voice from Durham, was allowed to speak my piece. But it was all a waste of breath, time and energy. Why? Because there was too much political weight for this lunatic project, From the wallet-stuffed back pockets (virtue of Lex Greensill) of ex-PM David Cameron, through the heavyweight presence of Eric Pickles and Ed Balls, to the equally heavyweight presence of the majority of British Jewry: naaaah; it was a foregone conclusion.

But if we step back just a little, and examine the real motives behind this farrago, the reader might just discern a nasty pattern emerging. Just check the  architect and his plan. His ‘Unique Selling Point’? Well, he’s Black, and we can’t turn a member of that particular minority down, even though he brought out a second-hand plan with which to foist it on an uncomplaining British public.

We already have a Holocaust Memorial; its in the form of a big block of stone, engraved with the simple message “HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL GARDEN” sited in Hyde Park. It is understated, unpretentious: fitting in its task of remembrance of  the most heinous crime in the history of modern man. You have to go searching for it, the trees and grasses hide it until you come across it.

And what, might the reader ask, will we get for our £100 millions (plus)?, 

We’ll get a Security Nightmare, with heavily-armed police and security presence surrounding a terrorists’ wet dream. There’ll be a queue to get off the ‘effing bus, a queue to get your tickets checked, then another queue to get your backpacks and bags x-rayed, and yet another queue for anyone with a beard and brown skin (the usual suspects) to be subjected to a humiliating full pat-down and grope search. And all, that before you go down the steps towards? The Learning Centre! These people haven’t even the sense to develop some new cliches.

As I stated, at the end of the video which saw my twelve minute-long argument at the Enquiry (2hrs. &n 28 mins:)-

We do not need, as called for by the ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and his Holocaust Commission, a new memorial which should be “striking and prominent, as well as respectful, interactive, and educational”. As all the participants in the Inquiry must know, we have the entire published history of the world at our literal fingertips: courtesy of Internet-connected smart phones, tablets and computers. We do not need to be ‘educated’ by some Establishment bunch who reckon that they know better than others what to push into the minds of the inquiring. When the very term “Educational” is but two steps removed from the ‘Re-education’ in Orwell’s ‘1984’.

What we do need is to send copies of ‘The Scourge of the Swastika’ to every school, college and University, and make them part of the Syllabus, along with a devastating video named ‘Holocaust: Night will Fall’, and the instruction should be that EVERY student should watch it, in class or hall.

Now that might be the true ‘Education’!

How come a terrorist is slated to become a member of the Biden Admin.?

When you plot to kill or maim people, you are rightly termed a terrorist; whether you succeed or not. If you give aid and succour to a terrorist, you gain that title for yourself. A group of eco-terrorists calling themselves Earth First! planned the systematic spiking of trees in the forests of Idaho some 30 years ago. Spiking is the deliberate placement of steel, or sometimes even non-ferrous material, ten-inch long nails into trees which are slated for felling and milling into mainly wooden building materiel. Senator Jim Risch, ahead of a vote by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said:- 

The saw can be one of two types, either a circular saw in a small mill or, more likely, a large band saw that goes probably to the roof here and down again. It’s probably an inch and a half wide and double.

What happens when the saw hits this spike is what happens in a war when a hand grenade goes off. Shrapnel goes every direction. It destroys the saw, be it a band saw or a circular saw, and it will break this [spike] also into shrapnel. It will either kill or injure anyone that is within range of the shrapnel. That’s what tree spiking is.

So, why do you put this in a tree? You put this in a tree to kill somebody. It’s not put in there for fun. It’s not a Sunday school prank. You put this in a tree to kill somebody.

So who was Senator Risch talking about? 

He was talking about President Joe Biden’s nominee for the post of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning. 

Ranking member Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) and all his Republican colleagues on the committee called on Biden to withdraw her nomination in a joint letter Wednesday.

Barrasso said in a statement, “Not only did Tracy Stone-Manning collaborate with eco-terrorists, she also helped plan the tree spiking in Clearwater National Forest. She has been covering up these actions for decades, including on her sworn affidavit to the committee. … President Biden must withdraw her nomination and if he does not, the Senate must vote it down.”

With the Senate deadlocked 50-50, all 50 Democrats would therefore need to vote to confirm Stone-Manning, and Vice President Kamala Harris would then be responsible for casting the tie breaking vote. 

The final words should perhaps be reserved for those of Senator Risch when he also stated:- “Some of my friends that I’ve talked with in Congress here have said, “Well, she made a mistake 30 years ago.” This was not a mistake”

“She shouldn’t be in front of this committee for confirmation to a major, major point in this administration; she should be in front of a jury, explaining to them why she committed perjury and why she lied to Congress.

My friends, look, if you want to confirm her, you absolutely can. But believe me, this stain on this administration will last for the next three and a half years.

If the Biden administration wants to have the face and the character of their administration represented by this individual, this attempted murderer, this perjurer, this liar, this conspirator, if that’s what you want in the administration, and that’s what you want for the face of the administration, here’s your person. Confirm her.”

The Fat Tax from the Fat Foodie

The headlines screamed out this morning. Dimbleby wants millions added to your food bills, in order to make you healthier. Strange words coming from a man who made his money from starting up flashy restaurants, and then selling them on to a couple billionaires; who himself verges on obese, but ‘knows’ that what he believes is good for the rest of us ‘plebs’.

The fatal flaw in his National Food Strategy is the truth that, whilst he reckons that poor people will be happy to pay more to eat the same garbage , he reckons that the cash paid by the food manufacturers will fund healthier living (Veggies on the NHS Prescriptions), cut meat eating by 30% (Thats the Climate Change diktat coming out of the shrubbery) , and best of all, supermarket tours where  the plebs will be shown how to ‘eat healthily’.

I just wonder how much this fat fraud Dimbleby has been paid to produce this load of old garbage? Yes, I know he comes from the Eton / Oxford school of thought, much as the equally fat and fraudulent liar Boris Johnson, but even he must have heard of the well known phrase, beloved of Chancellors of the Exchequer since before DaneGeld, which goes ‘No Hypothecated Taxes around here’. The truth that the fat fraud Dimbleby doesn’t want to admit is that there has NEVER been a Chancellor who even catches a scent of a tax without grabbing ALL of it, and spending it himself. Hypothecation doesn’t and never has worked. 

Neither does ‘nudging’, preaching or any other idea that says that better-off people can tell poor people how to live, or eat, or do anything because the better-off people, the better-educated people, the wealthier people: simply know best!

Please protest and LOOT responsibly!

Show me a Looter, allegedly protesting about a criminal being locked up, and I’ll show you an opportunist thief who is simply grabbing his loot under the guise of a ‘Protest’.

I will be the first to admit that Nelson Mandela surprised me, a former resident of South Africa. He wasn’t one of the the normal, corrupt kleptocrats which seem to rise to the top of African politics as the scum which all too many are. No, although I would still state that he deserved every day of his imprisonment, for his terrorist plotting against the South African Government; once freed, he kept his promises. No violence, no legally-shrouded theft; a white man was equal, in the Law, to a black man, in both where he lived, how he earned a living, and how he was treated if he broke that law.

But Mandela was old, and tired; his grip upon the way in which the Government behaved was starting to waiver. He divorced his murderous wife Winnie, and remarried. I suppose all he ever wanted to do, once that his aims of a Black majority Government was achieved, was to relax, and avoid the grasping tentacles of his avaricious family.

But the worst of all possibilities in Black politicians was soon to follow. Thabo Mbeki was a deeply flawed individual, and his rise as President was viewed as both economically sound, but politically disastrous: partly through his support for Zimbabwe’s murderous President-for-Life Mugabe, and partly for his demagogic beliefs and statements that AIDs and HIV were totally unrelated. That one single course of inaction and unadulterated ignorance cost some 350,000 South Africans, the vast majority of whom were Black; their lives. He swung the votes to gain the World Cup for South Africa, which was, at the same time, a sporting triumph and a financial disaster. The one action which was correct, which was to charge Jacob Zuma in corruption matters, was the cause of his downfall, as Zuma was so popular with the ruling African National Congress.

After one more stand-in President, possibly the worst decision in recent South African history began with the election (by African National Congress election styles, of coercion, bribery, threats and outright intimidation); of Jacob Zuma. If I were to list all the crimes he either perpetrated or guided, this post would go on for about ZumaRapethree pages. Suffice to say that the cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, who continually drew the President’s image with a shower spray permanently fixed to Zuma’s head: thus depicting Zuma’s defence against a charge of rape being that he knew that his victim was HIV positive, and the best defence against HIV was a speedy shower. Shapiro was sued for 15 million Rand defamation damages by the President, but the claim was later dropped. It was calculated later that Jacob Zuma, together with the Gupta Family (as in the Mafia Family) had benefited from corruption and plain outright theft of the South African economy to the tune of $138 million dollars.

He wasn’t a mastermind criminal, he was just a plain criminal. So, here is the question:-

Why have at least 72 people died, with thousands looting, burning and rampaging through the streets, with the military  struggling to reclaim order, over his arrest on Contempt of Court charges? Here is the single truth about South Africa, the whole farrago of Black Majority Rule, the Vote; and all that comes along with that precious commodity. They are a singular tribal-based society; they are so unsophisticated, that they were not, and probably never will be: ready to Rule and Govern themselves. 

The Afrikaaner was many things, but the one thing he was not was corrupt. The people I worked alongside for some eighteen years were magnificent. They and their forefathers, alongside the English, built South Africa into the powerhouse of Southern Africa; and they were forced to give it all away because their governing system, which was based upon reality, was judged by the West to be unjust. 

I wonder if the shades of Nelson Mandela are gazing down upon the bloodshed and turmoil; I wonder if he would ask himself; “Why didn’t I leave well alone?

The Elphinstone Administrative Area

Afghanistan. As one writer stated, “How can you name it a Nation, when it is really four or five cities, and ten thousand villages, all tied together by tribal and family blood bonds, a religion which acknowledges no rivals; and a limitless toleration for corruption?”

For all the treasure we and America expended, with 2,349 American dead; not forgetting the British dead, 459 in bodybag numbers, as well as the numberless wounded, both physically and mentally, all the time we and our Allies spent in that sad, beautiful country: it was a complete failure. We never, ever learn from our failures. We failed in the nineteenth Century, we failed again over the last twenty years from different reasons; but we still failed. When Soviet Russia abandoned its invasion, and left, ignominiously, we in the West didn’t learn anything. When the second most ruthless Army and AirForce in the world admits it is beaten, shouldn’t the West’s politicians have at least checked what had happened? Checked before they hurled the most advanced military in the world at a force which was just above Stone-age technology?

The excuse for that invasion was, of course, 9/11, and the Taliban, along with Osama, were the targets. But, instead of getting the Afghan mullahs, the only body which really counted, to help rebuild an Islamic country, the Allies invited the Warlords back in, the very people which the Taliban had overthrown. We failed because we were not ruthless, we failed because the vast heroin trade was allowed to flourish. We failed because we brought women in to negotiate with village elders; in a country which routinely sets women as bearers of children, and nothing else. We failed because we said we were ‘Nation-building’. How can you rebuild a Nation which derides the very values you are trying to uphold?

Some eleven years ago, I wrote an essay about Afghanistan in 2050. I feel, that, in reading it now, by following the link, the reader may well agree with me that a modern China, a ruthless dictatorship capable of genocide of the Muslim Uighurs;  is well capable of the planning and action which is outlined within that essay.  

And it is all about ‘The Fifth’

My words, my writing, my opinions have not altered, despite the great loss I am attempting to pilot my life through.

I will not write about that loss, but will do so once the Adjourned Inquest makes its ruling sometime in the next few months. Suffice to state that, hopefully, there will be legal proceedings; but beyond that, I shall not go.

So I hope to continue to berate, to chide, to expose and even, sometimes; to congratulate.

It is regarding that last verb which I write today. It seems to be most strange to be congratulating an admitted rapist, a man who drugged a woman so he could commit that rape, on his freedom. Bill Cosby is free today because the State broke its word. He was given Immunity from Prosecution  so he would honestly testify in a civil Suit brought by the victim. Because he was under oath, because he could not stay silent, because he could not ‘Plead the Fifth’, Cosby admitted his guilt, admitted his crimes; and the victim was awarded damages. 

But then, a different prosecutor brought Cosby up on civil charges, using the evidence Cosby had provided in that prior trial as part of the prosecution’s evidence. Cosby was convicted, and given ten years. The Mob roared approval: but, as usual, the Mob was wrong. 

That second prosecutor was wrong, as was the State’s charge against Cosby. Because the State had removed Cosby’s Fifth Amendment rights, and forced him to testify under pain of perjury, it simply could not use that evidence against him.

America’s Constitution and Legal Systems are more than wobbly, but it says something grand about America when the Law says, ‘You can’t do that here, because, grotesque as it seems; the rapist Bill Cosby is today a free man because of his Fifth Amendment Rights’.