Just ask Boris about Gas

On December 9th, 2012, a British Politician stated, categorically, that the solution to British worries about her Energy Needs was clearly available, and all it required was the Political Will.

The solution? Shale Gas, deep underground. ready and waiting to be ‘Fracked’, or released for the rock in which the gas is trapped by ‘Fracturing’ that rock with chemicals injected under high pressure.

He was equally clear that the Political Will was there, as stated by the then Environment Secretary, and endorsed by the then Chancellor, George Osborne.

But, he moaned, “Alas, we are in a Coalition, and the Liberals run the Department of Energy and Climate Change. They have announced a moratorium on fracking, claiming that there have been earthquakes in the Blackpool area – even though there are tiny quakes every day. In what they thought was a cunning move, the Lib Dems also leaked the location of two big reserves of shale gas – in Tatton and Shropshire North. Much to his credit, Owen Paterson immediately announced that he was all in favour of fracking his constituency if it would deliver jobs and growth, and he is dead right. The shale gas discovery is hateful to the Libs and the Greens, because it destroys their narrative about the ever rising cost of hydrocarbons. It is glorious news for humanity. It doesn’t need the subsidy of wind power. I don’t know whether it will work in Britain, but we should get fracking right away.”

The Politician, who was so forthright in his aim, which of course was to give Britain access to cheap Energy: was of course none other than:-

Boris Johnson

Ask a Question

I asked a Question at the Council Meeting. Basically, I was asking why the previous Labour administration had loaned, together with another NGO, some six million quid to a Cricket Club.

All I got in reply was how the Cricket Club brought first-class cricket to the North East, and how wonderful it was, and how the Council just “knew” that the money would somehow be paid back

Check Item 5 @ 26 Minutes in to video


The Proven Virus Killer Which You Have Never Heard Of.

I consider myself to be an average man. Opinionated? Possibly so, but that used to be the birthright of every free-born Englishman. My late wife used to despair at my instincts to complain if I felt that the standards of service when we ate out at some restaurant which did no come up to my expectations. 

So when, some eighteen months ago, this Government rammed though Parliament some highly restrictive Laws which literally took our freedoms away, brought our economy crashing down, made millions nearly destitute because they were unable to work, held millions more hostage because they were elderly, and living in care homes: all because of a virus which is proven to be deadly only to the vulnerable, the very old, and the truly stupid: I became more than concerned.

This Government then spent billions (borrowed, because we don’t have money ourselves) on masks and gowns and other paraphernalia which simply weren’t up to spec; all in a frantic attempt to show that they were doing something.

Fair enough, some extremely clever scientists, in GB&NI, Europe and America produced vaccines which, although very costly, were tested and found to be efficacious in the production of antibodies, which is, presumably, the gold standard for this type of process. In GB&NI, in Europe, in America and in China (the source of the virus), the race was on to convince whole populations to accept the jabs; but problems arose when a sizeable proportion of those same populations decided that they did not trust the politicians or the scientists when they declared that those vaccines were safe. The arguments raged on, with politicians suddenly over-fond of the sweeping powers which they had granted themselves, and virtually overturning Democracy in the process.

An American President was treated with a revolutionary drug combination which worked, and which saved his life; but the treatment wasn’t pushed for inclusion into the general population, possibly because that President was Donald Trump, and what he favoured was anathema to his Opposition in both political and scientific worlds. The time wore on, many thousands died during the time before the vaccines became readily available, but, certainly in the West-oriented world, no other solutions were tried or adopted.

But hang about, over in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian State, the use of Ivermectin has proven so successful that the authorities are reporting that  COVID cases are plummeting in India thanks to new rules that promote Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to its massive population. The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government informed on Friday. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.” 

Despite this overwhelming success, no Mainstream Media, no TV or major newspaper carries this news, except to disdain and vilify the very idea that Ivermectin is of any use other than as a Horse DeWormer.

So, should we all continue to hold to the idea that the ONLY road is a Vaccine, or should we see what effect Ivermectin has in some form of controlled trial, just like they did in India?

9/11: It is a sad day on which to report failure; but failure it was, and still is.

After the airborne attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, America and her NATO allies went in to Afghanistan with the following aims: to defeat and remove the Taliban from power, to rid a Foreign Sovereign State of the terrorist training ground it had become; to find and exterminate the pestilence upon the earth of Al Qaeda, along with its leader, Usama bin Laden.

Yes, the Taliban were removed from power, but never militarily defeated, as they simply hid their weaponry, and henceforth became a mobile guerilla army, armed, paid and protected by the well-known but never officially acknowledged ties with Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence. True, the Allies got rid of Al Qaeda; they eventually hunted down and killed Usama bin Laden, hiding in plain sight less than two miles away from Pakistan’s premier military academy. 

And then the mistakes began. The Administrators, such as the blithering British idiot Rory Stewart, forgot about, or rather never really understood; Afghan Society. They forgot that Soviet Russia had invaded, bled and then withdrawn; aided by American missiles, launched by the Mujahideen. They forgot that England, over a century earlier, had also invaded, had her armies cut to pieces, and had withdrawn, defeated. For centuries, it has been built upon one keystone, and that keystone is Islam. The religious, tribal, family and relative structures, refined and honed over some eleven centuries, have made Muslim Afghan society almost impenetrable when it comes to change, despite the so-called Liberal values which some claim enhances Western Democracies.

The do-gooders pushed for female Afghans to be educated, to be allowed the same sorts of freedoms commonplace in the West. They pushed for women to be included in regional and national Government; always in the wrong-headed belief that a male-dominated Afghan society would view these moves as ’progressive’. 

But worse was to follow, because the leaders, the alleged ‘thinkers’ in American, British and Allied Governments began thinking about nation building. I kid you not, those fools thought they could change the very mindset of a Society which has built itself around an insular Stone Age belief structure, and get them to embrace Western values. How daft can you get?

So, when things started going badly, when the Taliban commenced their return; instead of washing our collective hands of the whole caboodle, the Americans, having drawn down their forces, went back in in force, and the stupid bloody Brits went back in to Helmand alongside them. The idea then was that they would ‘train’ the Afghan Armed Forces, and once they had been trained, then America and those trailing along on the coattails could commence leaving. After all, the Afghan generals could be trusted, the Afghan Government, headed by America’s ‘chosen one’, was firmly in power, the untold millions of dollars spent on military hardware gave the Afghans the edge over any foe, corruption was defeated: all was well: nothing could go wrong! 

If Olympus existed, you could just imagine all those Greek Gods, those Deities rolling around the floor, helpless with laughter.

Then the whole thing began to totter. Donald Trump was the President, and he wanted all the American forces back home, and an end to the ‘forever’ war. His plan was simple, get all the weaponry out, then the American civilians, then the chosen compromised Afghans; compromised because they had either worked for the Americans, or had worked in the liberal ways which the Allies had imported. And then, when everyone else has been airlifted, the military themselves would leave; and the Afghans would then be running their own Country. 

But Joe Biden became the President, and he decided to speed things up. He told the generals that the fastest way was the best, announce a general retreat, and first to evacuate was Bagram Airbase, the best fortified place in the whole of Afghanistan; and the Taliban wouldn’t notice. After all, the Afghan Army was the best trained and equipped; what could go wrong?

As everyone now knows, the whole Afghan caboodle collapsed in less than a week, and that has been covered many, many times. America has landed itself with one hundred thousand Afghans; 95% of whom have never been checked, The Brits have invited in some fifteen thousand savages: what have we done? 

I would therefore end by placing four photographs, the contents of which are self-explanatory.





Vote for the voice that doesn’t promise very much.

I read with great interest the House of Commons debate on the forthcoming Elections BIll. Many thousands of words spoken, and sometimes spouted, for and against clauses in the Bill, which is supposed to be about securing the vote process. The proponents bleated on for seemingly hours about voter ID, about who should hold a photograph card, and how it is always the blacks, the asians, the minorities who will be disenfranchised because they don’t have ID; which of course is complete and total bollox.

They went fifteen times around O’Houlihan’s barn nitpicking about inconsequentials, and totally ignored the huge Elephant seated placidly in the corner. The name of that Elephant? Postal Voting. Only one MP bothered to really comment, but the Government ignored his voice. 

A supporter of Postal Votes seems to want everything handed on a plate to the user, ignoring all the many pitfalls given air space by the fact that no-one, once that ballot paper leaves the issuing authority, knows categorically that the ballot paper has been completed, in secret, by the person to whom that ballot is addressed. To receive, to actually qualify for a postal vote in GB&NI, all you have to do is ask for it. You don’t have to have a reason, whether it be a disability, or illness, or sheer laziness, or the fact that, in most Muslim households, and in many Labour-supporting homes as well, the man, acting as head of the household, takes possession of those ballots, and fills them in as he wishes, seals them, and posts them back to the Electoral Officer, and ALL other family members, male and female, are thereby disenfranchised.

I would alter the  requirements dealing with Postal Votes. A Postal or Proxy Vote would be only available if a Document was completed which would certify that:-

  • the voter literally cannot physically move out of the home to gain access to the Polling Station.
  • The voter has a Mental Illness
  • The voter has a verified illness such as Agoraphobia, which precludes his or her movement into the open air.
  • The voter will be out of the country at the time of the Election.

This Document would then have to hold the signatures of three independent doctors, none of whom shall be registered to treat the voter as a patient: or, if an Employer, a minimum of three Directors should sign.

If you cannot bother your arse to get up and either walk or drive the short distance to a Polling Station, then you don’t deserve the rare gift of voting in any Election.

Censorship: The First Defence of Dictatorship

Stalin knew the power of the printed word. So when he commenced his Great Purge, newspapers were forced to obliterate any images of those unfortunates who had either come under the KGB’s suspicion; or who had already been exterminated.




A well-known example of Communism’s ‘Disappeared’ was the photograph of the ‘meeting of the St. Petersburg chapter of the Union of Struggle for the Liberation of the Working Class in February 1897.’

The man standing to the right of Vladimir Lenin (Seated, behind the table) was ‘Disappeared’ and presumably executed. He had become a non-person!

Unfortunately, here in the third decade of the twentieth century, we aren’t far away from Stalin’s purges and Lenin’s fanaticism. You don’t believe me? You just try standing up and speaking on religion, or politics, or indeed on virtually any subject under the sun at Speakers’ Corner or a High Street, and see how far you get before you are arrested, bundled into a police car, and later released, because you tried to speak your mind. The bloody police later stated ““That is the role of the police, even if a decision is subsequently made that their actions are not criminal. In this case, it was deemed appropriate to remove the man from the area.”

Fair enough, the preacher was later paid £2,500.00 as damages; he wasn’t executed: but he was SILENCED!

Let’s look at Australia, a Nation which used to be a shining example of freedom, in all respects of that elusive ‘Right’. When I visited Australia when I was in the Merchant Navy, the truth is that you could say or write anything about anybody or any thing. As long as you could prove that you were speaking the truth, and you weren’t inciting violence; the sky was the limit in ‘the Lucky Country’.

My, my; how times have changed. As blogger Jo Nova relates, “A Sydney doctor has been hauled before the NSW Medical Board after he questioned evidence behind Covid-19 vaccines and promoted unapproved treatments, including Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, in a case that will test the limits of what medical professionals can say publicly.”

Yep, for the vile crime of saying what he thinks and sincerely believes, the Authorities have suspended this Anaesthetist’s licence, and are trying to gag him. 


And while we’re on the subject of Censorship, how come literally no one has ever mentioned or championed Ivermectin in GB&NI?

If they took no notice before, why bother now?

I think we Brits have rather good memories. We can still remember  the headlines such as:-

  • British-Pakistani researchers say 84% of grooming gang members are Asian: ‘It’s very important we talk about it’

  • Justice Isn’t Blind, It Just Looks The Other Way.

  • Rotherham grooming gang sentenced to combined 103 years in prison for rape and sex abuse of girls

And so on, and so Forth, etc., etc.

So why does the average Brit, upon reading this headline, yawn, shake head in despair and disgust, and looks elsewhere? 

Because we know that you cannot train a lifetime of learning the ‘effing Koran out of young men who respect every word, term and sentence in that Book.

You cannot train a lifetime of treating women as breeders of children, AND OF NOTHING ELSE. with the sort of teaching so loved by lefty volunteers.

How many are supposed to be imported and imposed  upon an unwilling population? 20,000? 30,000

And how long will it be before we we see the same headlines from the new Muslim Army?

When were we Brits asked if we wanted a new Muslim surge into GB&NI?


I forget how many times I heard the plaintive anonymous voices on either TV or radio, all saying the same thing. “I worked as an Interpreter for the British Forces in the past, I fear for my life; so you have to give myself, my wife and my seven children, plus my whole extended family numbering another twenty-three people, permanent residence in Great Britain.”

When were we asked if we should open those leaky borders?

When were we even asked if we thought that all these Muslims deserved a place in GB&NI?

Let me remind readers of only one statistic: but, a truly vitally important statistic. It only takes one of these thousands to commence buying hydrogen peroxide, most commonly found in hair products, along with two other chemicals equally available online or in stores, to make a suicide vest, along with the nuts and bolts which would form the shrapnel: much the same as the Manchester Arena bomb.

It only takes one to become a suicide bomber: and we are letting thousands of these putative terrorists in, without even the facade of a screening programme!