Jan 6th Witness’ Explosive Evidence is actually Mild Spring Breeze, and No Storm

As a keen observer of American politics, and the wilder claims especially of the so-called January 6th Committee, I listened with interest to the witness statements provided by surprise witness Cassidy Hutchinson, labelled by the BBC as damning testimony. She claimed that she witnessed many things; and she has painted a devastating picture, including an allegation, which Trump denies, that he tried to grab the steering wheel of the car he was travelling in and wrestled with a Secret Service officer in an attempt to divert his motorcade to the Capitol, where his supporters were gathering. She recounted how a White House official told her that the president had insisted on travelling to the Capitol after his White House rally – something he said he would do during his speech. When he learned the motorcade was going back to the White House, he attempted to grab the steering wheel and wrestled with a Secret Service officer. 

Many other claims were made by this ‘Surprise Witness’, and much was made of these claims by members of the Jan 6th ‘Committee’, none of whom are judges, or indeed people with any legal training or standing at all, as ALL the ‘Committee’ members are in fact ‘politicians’ and biased politicians at that. The ‘Witness’ was not cross-examined, none of her statements were checked for veracity in any way whatsoever, as she would be in any properly-constituted legal arena: her words and statements were treated as though they had the same stature as the Sermon on the Mount.

And now we know why. Because the same day as Hutchinson made her statements, the Secret Service rebutted her testimony by stating, categorically, that the Secret Service and the individuals from whom Hutchinson claimed to have heard the story publicly disputed her claims and said they were prepared to testify under oath.

In other words, and strictly legal terminology, her evidence was ‘HEARSAY’, she claimed to have ‘HEARD’ other people saying things, but never heard anything first-hand herself.

So, the ‘DEVASTATING’ evidence has all the veracity of a damp squib, BUT YOU’LL NEVER HEAR ANYTHING IN ANY WAY OF A REBUTTAL’ from the BBC, or any other MSM outfit. 
As the New York Times should really claim “All The News That Fits”