The Factor Eight human devastation

The background to this video can best be embraced at this Guardian page.

That the various Governments knew of the failings of the Factor 8 blood product is indisputable, but, although the Judge say pay the survivors and family £100,000 right now, this bloody Government still will not comply!

The All-Powerful Social Workers, and the Child they condemned to DEATH

The Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review for Leiland-James Michael Corkill was produced today. It consists of three pages, NO MORE, and two of those pages hold the actions deemed necessary to prevent future actions of the Social Workers allowing anything like this to happen again. No Apology to that grief-stricken mother. Absolutely no admission of Guilt on the part of that so-called Social Working Team who snatched that infant from his mother’s bedside! Not even the term “SORRY”. No words stating the correctness of the Social Workers who removed that tiny infant from his mother’s side as she lay in the maternity ward. They snatched that infant because IN THEIR BLOODY OPINION, her prior association with a brutal ex-partner produced worry which confirmed that she could not cope with a new-born baby, SO THEY TOOK THAT TINY INFANT, AND CONDEMNED HIM TO DEATH BY LEAVING HIM WITH A WOMAN WHO MURDERED HIM A YEAR LATER!

So what happened to that Free Speech we were supposed to be so proud of?

Maureen Maud MARTIN was a candidate for mayor of Lewisham in the south of London this year as the Chrstian People’s Alliance Party. She has stood for election eight times in both local and national elections, and been unsuccessful every time. But she has not been deterred by her lack of success, presumably being of the mind which states ‘Try and Try again’. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. She is partially hobbled by her association with a religious/political organisation, the likes of which have never proved popular with English voters, but she presumably reckons that the proverbial ‘Never say Never’ could work for her.

So, she stood for Mayor, and as usual, she, along with all the other candidates, produced campaign leaflets. But Maureen’s leaflet was subtly different from the other candidates, in that she brought her long-standing private beliefs into the public arena. Whether she was wise to do this? Possibly not, but she definitely wasn’t breaking any Law, and as well asserting her right to Free Speech. There was the totally predictable ‘Offensive’ scream from Pink News and the other Leftist rags, moans about hurt feelings, homophobia (whatever that is translated as) and the usual garbage thrown at anyone who wished to upset the sitting apple cart. 

The Returning Officer stated, quite correctly that “It is not the role of the returning officer to make determinations on whether the content of any address breaks any other legislation.”. 

“You may think that in a democracy a candidate for election is well within her rights to state her support for a view which the courts have repeatedly held is “worthy of respect in a democratic society”

So, Maureen stood for election, and lost, which is where this story should have ended, rather predictably. But there was more to come.  Maureen’s employer, the London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q), disagreed. Following the usual fuss on Twitter among activists, two days after she published the leaflet Maureen was summoned by her employer for an “investigation meeting” because managers had received three complaints.

An L&Q manager claimed during the investigation meeting that for Maureen to air her views “so publicly when you’re clearly linked to L&Q” could bring the trust into “disrepute”.

After the meeting, Mauren was summarily dismissed. 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “We have never seen a case like this which sends a crushing message to anyone who believes in Christian marriage and wishes to express those beliefs at work or in public office.

“LGBT ideology fuelled by Stonewall activists has captured institutions to such an extent that free speech and Christian freedoms have been intimidated into silenced.

“Maureen is a courageous woman who has been treated appallingly for having the guts to declare her belief that marriage between a man and a woman is best for children and our society.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with her as she seeks justice.”

And, folks so do I. I may not agree with her placing her religious beliefs in a campaign leaflet, but, by doing so, she was doing nothing illegal or wrong.

Net Zero and the Poverty it will Ensure

Apart from GBNews and the Guardian, not a single MSM operator, tv, online or print, has covered the ‘Armed’ intervention of Dutch Police when arresting farmers legitimately protesting against the Government decisions to slash livestock numbers on farms by 30%. This is because cow manure, when mixed with urine, releases ammonia which allegedly detracts from natural habitats. The Dutch Government brought in a law which calls for strict emission rules to be observed by farmers regarding ammonia and nitrogen: but the farmers state that they are the only part of the economy to be so targeted, as most nitrogen-emitting industries are not bothered at all.

Former US president Donald Trump said at a rally in Florida this weekend that they are fighting against the ‘climate tyranny’ of the Dutch government.

British readers might wonder why I write about such things happening elsewhere, but, do not worry, folks, they are just around the corners for us here in GB&NI as well. Just over the border from Newry, Enniskillen & Londonderry, the Irish Government’s ‘Greenies’ are targeting the Republic’s farmers with a prospective cut of 28% of all Farmers’ livestock producing the emissions which the ‘Greenies’ claim are heating up the planet: despite many scientists refuting all such claims.

Breitbart News claims that there is still significant pressure on McConalogue to implement a curb of 30 per cent, a measure the head of one of the country’s largest farming organisations has said would result in a massive cut in cattle numbers in the country. Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, has already agreed to force a cut of either 27 or 28 per cent on the country’s farming sector, a move that will cause significant disruptions to local businesses.

So, coming closer to home, has anyone actually read or understood the crazy ideal pushed upon GB&NI by the stupidity of ex-PM Theresa May when she signed up for the ‘effing NET ZERO policy by 2050? And of course endorsed by the wealthy Lying Ex-Prime Minister Johnson and his Greenie-loving bloody wife Carrie! How will we heat our homes without gas boilers? How will we charge all the ‘effing electric vehicles  we shall all have to buy or use when the National Grid runs out of power because the strain is too much?  All those super-expensive Electric vehicles bought because the stupid CNUTS banned the sale of  petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030!

When the bloody House of Lords Climate Change Committee expressly states that the greatest burden for paying these EXCESSIVE charges covering the costs of net zero to be met exclusively by energy users through their bills is regressive and would place a severe burden on many consumers, particularly given the present surge in energy prices which is putting intense pressure on those least able to pay.

The ONLY Candidate for PM who spoke out against Net Zero was kicked off the ballot because Kemi spoke the exact truth, which no-one wants to face: we are legislating our Country into poverty and penury because all The F***king British Politicians wish to be F****KING WORLD LEADERS, and no-one of those stupid CNUTS wants to face the truth.

So, Sir Mo is after all a LIAR and an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT

Sir Mo Farah receives knighthood from the Queen | ITV News London

The age when a boy turns into a young man varies between nations, along with such things as educational achievement, experiences of life; but is commonly accepted to be around twelve years old. One of the many the things associated, certainly in Western nations with this change, is the ability to tell right from wrong, to know when you are telling the truth; or when you are lying, Once a young man learns that he has been lied to, or has indeed himself been lying, he has that decision ahead of him, does he point the finger of blame at the liar,, or does he accept that he himself, for whatever reason, was a liar.

Let us now examine the story, the tale, of a young eight year-old Somalian boy who came to Britain claiming his father was killed in the Somali civil war, but much later said he came to Britain with a woman he had never met, and was forced to clean and look after the woman’s children. At some point, he came to the attention of Social Services, who moved him to live with the family whose name he adopted. He became well known in long distance running, winning both 5,000 and 10,000 metre races at the London Olympics. He triumphed again in the Rio Olympics. It should be noted at this point that he never, ever, made any reference to the fact that he knew that his name was made up, he never made any admission that his story was wildly different from the truth.

He even knelt before Her Majesty, when she knighted him at Buckingham Palace, and became Sir Mo Farah.

His athletic progress was challenged when his coach was accused of dealing out drugs to his runners, but Sir Mo denied any transgressions of the rules, and was cleared.

And it is only now that we discover that all the tales, the fairy-tales, of his early life were untrue, that he had consistently and knowingly lied. He lied to gain British citizenship, he lied to the Royal Family, he lied when he was running to represent Great Britain. 

Once a liar, always a liar. He said that he has never taken drugs, but do we automatically believe the words of a proven, long-time fraud and liar. The Home Office states that they will be taking no action, in the light of his statements. Why on earth not? He is an illegal immigrant, surely he should , at the very least stand before an Immigration Tribunal?

After all, Sir Mo Farah isn’t even his real name, and at least we know this, because he has admitted that he lied. He lied, and lied, and lied again. Some Role Model!

Archie Battersbee is dead; Leave the boy’s body ALONE.

Once again, we see and hear of distraught parents who wish to ignore medical fact, as well as the knowledge and opinion of the most senior medical practitioners; and instead cling to their delusions regarding their dead son.

They found young Archie Battersbee unconscious at home, unresponsive and, once in the hospital, and checked out by medically-trained technicians, found to be brain-stem dead. His heart is still, strangely enough, still beating, but the young boy’s system is, otherwise, unresponsive to any stimulus at all.

A High Court Judge ruled that the doctors had correctly diagnosed, that the kid was, to all intent and purpose, dead: the medical equipment keeping his bodily functions going should be switched off, and let the kid be buried or cremated without any further drama.

The truly deluded parents still cling to the the delusion that somehow, a miracle will bring their dead son back to them, and have initiated a request to the Court of Appeal to vacate the previous ruling.

It is a sad thing to watch, as parents attempt to fight reality, but, unfortunately, they can fight even further, but they can never argue against the facts. A truly helpful friend or relative should maybe take both parents aside, and ask them to face reality: their boy is dead, at his own hand when participating in some gross Internet challenge: and now his tortured remains should now be left in peace, so that they both can begin the grieving process.

Sorry, but miracles don’t happen, because they don’t exist.

Richard (Rachel) Levine: Fraud and Charlatan

What do you call the surgical removal of a child’s penis and testicles? According to President Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, a man wearing makeup, a dress, and with long, unkempt hair who says he is a woman: but doesn’t really fool anybody;  you call such mutilation “Gender-affirming care” 

Richard Levine also stated “Gender affirming care is lifesaving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers, As a paediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirmed someone’s true identity can be,” Levine added. He also tweeted “Sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for KIDS is lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool”

Now I accept that America and England are, as Oscar Wilde commented, two nations divided by a common language, but I reckon we just have to draw that line somewhere, so we should start with the medical term ‘paediatrician’. The medical dictionary states that a  ‘paediatrician’ is a medical practitioner specialising in children and their diseases. So I just wonder what exactly the illness is in a male child which is cured or treated by the surgical removal of that child’s penis and testicles? Or is this man’s advice to American doctors who are treating a young boy’s natural worries regarding his true sexuality with only one action. 

When a patient is diagnosed with testicular cancer, the removal of one or both of the testes is usually indicated, but this fraud is telling his audience, doctors and surgeons, that a young person’s natural worries about his sexuality can only be treated exactly the same as cancer.

Has ANY American Democratic Party voter actually stepped back and had a good, hard look at what this terrifying Fraud is actually preaching as good medical practice? Here in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, there are a few morons masquerading as medical practitioners, and both adhering to, and proselytising their strange ideas about Gender Change, Assignment and other weird, totally off the wall and unproven philosophies. 

Just the other day, I read a story about this young man, age around twenty-plus, who had been talked into this drastic surgery as the only TREATMENT for his natural concerns and worries about his sexuality. As he came too after the surgery, he realised what THEY, the doctors and clinicians had done to him, and he is now suing the NHS. What the actual legal charges will be is up to him and his solicitors, but hope that an instruction from the Judge will simply be to tell these shysters to stop prescribing puberty blockers, stop meddling with a person’s mind, and to be removed from the medical registry until such time as they rid themselves of all this pseudo-gender garbage’ besides telling the NHS and these vultures that they will be paying damages of £millions to this unfortunate young man.

We are being stealthily surrendered to a ‘Woke’ generation who believe implicitly that its either their way or no way. For every single ‘result’, where some politician states ‘enough and no further’, there are ten more stealthy ‘surrenders’ to this same ‘Woke’ bunch of LeftWing Morons! 

What a bunch of Cnuts!