Don’t Pay?

I came across a ‘more than unusual’ website t’other morning. It’s premise is simple, the organisers see ahead of this nation a terrible future. A future where families will have to choose whether ‘TO EAT, OR TO HEAT’. 

They see an immediate future where millions of ordinary Britons will be forced to pay three or four hundred percent the normal costs for gas and electricity because the power companies are choosing to charge ordinary customers at International Rates, for gas and electricity  which they themselves are producing at little above the normal cost basis what it costs them.

I reference the QUARTERLY profit statements for BP, where this giant Oil Producer and Trader made, after tax, £9 billion.

So, this website. Their name is simple Don’t Pay UK. 

They are proposing a massive drive for civil disobedience in GB&NI. Their idea is, again, simple. As the Poll Tax disobedience began, which helped fell Margaret Thatcher, millions of people simply stated “We are Not Paying”. They state “we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. Our leverage is that we will gather a million people to pledge not to pay if the government goes ahead with another massive hike on October 1st.

H’mmmmm! I just wonder. I really do.