Chris Kaba died because he was aiming his car at the Policeman.

Career Criminal Chris Kaba was ARMED with a speeding car, aimed at the Policeman who shot the black clown down in self defence

This particular Black Life definitely did not matter, especially when the Armed Officer was defending himself against a known career criminal, who was attempting to escape by driving his car straight at the Policeman.

I am not, as I have maybe mentioned before, a fan of today’s Police, and of the English Police Constabularies. They have become too politicised, too ready to take the offenders’ side of things, too ready to deal with non-existent Hate Crimes; as opposed to actually going out and protecting the Public against Criminality.

But the ‘Suspended’ armed policeman has been the victim of a left-wing cabal, including the Muslim Mayor Khan: whose actions and statements spurred the Met. into suspending this brave man, who was only doing his job; and doing it to the best of his training and ability.

Unlike many millions of British people, I used to own and regularly carried a weapon. It was a .38 calibre Taurus revolver, and I carried it in what was, and still is, one of the most dangerous countries in the world: South Africa. I was forced to draw and fire it in self-defence, but I aimed at the ground because I only wanted to warn the black clown who was advancing on me with a knife. He turned and ran. But I was subsequently visited by a very senior South African Police Major, who warned me that I was given my licence so that I should follow the rules, and shoot to kill. If I reckoned that I could not aim for the best ‘body mass’ of the assailant, I should give up my licence, and sell my weapon. I also had to attend a six week course at a regulated gun club range, so I could re-qualify as a registered licence holder.

The ‘Suspended Policeman’ deserves our support and encouragement, if only because he has been trained to react in the only manner possible when either protecting others, or in self-defence!