The Police turned their backs upon their Sovereign.

At this time of our national mourning, I wish to speak not of our late Monarch, but of the overbearing role of the Government and Police; as opposed to the British public, in our Four Nations. This decline can best be illustrated by photographs: The first is a photo of the queue which was formed to view the late Sovereign’s King George the 6th Lying-in-State: the second is of the new Queen’s Coronation procession, and the third is the heavy-handed attitude of our own version of the Stasi.

The decline, as I and many others see it, is mirrored in the passage of seventy years, and in our loss of personal freedoms. When the late King died, we did not need a massive system of corralling the thousands who wished to pay their respects to their late King. We did not need a host of uniformed nonentities, all wearing those fairly silly fluorescent yellow vests, all proclaiming, “We are your masters! You WILL do as you are told,” as was all so very, very obvious; during those five amazing days and nights when over four hundred thousand ordinary people chose to pay their respects to their late Monarch.

The queue to view the late King George’s Lying-in-State was just over 300,000 strong, possibly less in number that for the Queen; but they had queued, six and eight deep, for over four miles in freezing rain and snow, without any more security than the occasional policeman, caped against that same wind and snow, passing calmly by, with no bloody yellow vest to blare out that he was the BOSS, no barriers at all because it was unthinkable to even accept that it was possible that someone might jump that most British of institutions: the Queue.

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