The TRUE and DEADLY Cost of being ‘SMART’

I have not been writing a great deal in the past few weeks, as I’ve been dealing with other things, but; after watching the TV news just this afternoon, I decided to comment.

The single source of my annoyance? The stories about how almost 70,000 households have been switched, by the use of a selective electronic circuit in their strangely-named ‘Smart Meters’ from paying by the chosen method of a Direct Debit, to a pre-payment service: with absolutely NO NOTICE whatsoever! 

Now I have written previously about these so-called ‘Smart Meters’, and about how the only way that a consumer can actually “save money” with using these infernal devices is to switch any or all devices OFF. To be perfectly frank, the only bunch that wins from the connection of a ‘Smart Meter’, are the bloody suppliers and generators of both electricity and gas.

But here’s the truly annoying thing that even I did not either know or appreciate; which is that these Electronic meters can be; and have been modified so that they will ONLY WORK when a pre-payment has been made, and if the cash is not immediately available, that electricity or gas will not flow until that CASH is paid! 

As winter speedily approaches, and the true cost of living rockets upwards, many of those families will suddenly find that COMPUTERS have no sympathy; no compassion; and have no gas or power to heat their homes or cook their food.