Entire Voting Audience Awarded Eye-Sight Tests

There was a story, in the Breitbart News, regarding the contest to select the Miss Greater Derry 2023 in New Hampshire, part of the Miss America organisation.

My headline? View the picture of the Winner, and then maybe you will understand my immediate reaction, which was to wonder what all the other young women were thinking about, when they decided to remain in the contest, after realising what the Opposition actually was?

“No King of Mine?”

I watched the first episodes of ‘The Crown’, the drama series on Netflix. I found it watchable, interesting in the exploration of motives, or rather scripted motives, of the key players in this expensive ’Reality Show’ version of the real Royal Family. Without revealing too much of any of the plot strands depicted; possibly the most revealing segment of the thinking behind the writers’ was depicted with the ill-named ‘second honeymoon’ on a billionaire’s yacht in the Mediterranean. On the ‘honeymoon’ with Diana, Charles and their two sons, were all of Charles’ friends, hangers-on and supporters. Depicted seated at a table set on the deck at the stern of the yacht, Charles was detailing ‘his’ ideas for the trip, which was composed of visits to various ancient Roman sites full of statuary and knocked down pillars, and smaller versions of Rome’s Colosseum: and Diana asks when would there be time for shopping, beaches, and just fun for their sons? The reaction of the heir to the Throne, as depicted in the Netflix drama, would probably have been reflected in reality: which was an accurate assessment of the difference between the two people at the head of this drama.

But, strangely, in this screen version of reality; as well as in the superb Oscar-winning film, The Queen, the reality of the Third member of that Royal Marriage is just hinted at, at least in the episodes viewed so far. The woman, to whom Charles really was devoted to for the best part of his life, the married woman, with whom the heir to the British Throne was extremely regularly committing adultery: she hardly ever appears, but is seemingly always there. He could have remained single until the cuckolded husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, finally got fed up with Charlie’s leavings, and divorced the cow; but he was under more and more pressure to marry, and to produce the Heir, and the Spare! So he lied through his teeth, deceived that beautiful girl who became his wife, and continues his adulterous liaisons with Camilla throughout the whole of his sham marriage to Diana. 

I will watch the rest of this drama series with interest, but, knowing the reality of how that beautiful wife and mother were treated in real life; can never forget how she was treated by the Royal Family, because she just would not stay quiet because she learned how badly she had been deceived by her husband, she just would not accept that ‘that was the way things are’: I have more than a little sympathy for those people with the placards which read “No King of Mine!”