You can depend upon the corrupt Muslims… say exactly the Wrong thing at the Wrong time!

As far back as 2010, when the totally corrupt criminals who headed FIFA handed QATAR, one of the wealthiest Arab States in the world, the 2022 World Cup, I sat back and prepared, even planned for a really good laugh when this bunch of royal despots’ plans came to fruition. The possibilities of corruption upon an industrial scale were widely exposed and realised: mainly because ALL Muslims accept that bribery and corruption are acceptable, and are indeed slightly puzzled by Western ideals that bribery is just unacceptable in both public and private life.

I worked alongside two Muslim civil engineers on a construction site; two men whose education and knowledge of their jobs was superb: but both men saw absolutely nothing wrong with paying or indeed accepting a bribe. Escalate that skein of thought to a Nation State; and I believe that is how Qatar won the right to stage the highest event in the world of professional Football. 

Immediately upon receipt of the Award news, the Qatar bandits threw their first verbal hand grenade Into the works by declaring that maybe some commentators were maybe right, and having all of the world’s best players going down with heatstroke upon Arrival in Qatar, never mind playing several matches in heat measuring 45 degrees Centigrade, wasn’t the best plan in the world, and could FIFA move the World Cup games to be played in the Qatar winter, where it is only 30 Degrees C. in the evening?

So FIFA, Sepp Blatter and all his corrupt colleagues, who had taken the Qatari gold, found themselves having to go to the FIFA membership, and murmuring that the Committee had unfortunately forgotten that Qatar is a DESERT country, extremely hot, and would they excuse this oversight, break up the traditional winter schedules for some 100-odd national teams, and set them down in the bloody desert because the wogs are building the stadia, the hotels, and everything else.

But fast forwards to 2022, FIFA were almost relaxing, with all the roadblocks moved away, everything seems fine, the teams are arriving: yes there are a few murmurs about the ban on homosexuals, but nobody’s going to go home over the way a bunch of shirt-lifters is treated, and then the bloody Qatari Royal Family gets the word, a bit late in the day, that FIFA has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Sponsor Budweiser, to sell BEER in humoungous quantities, at all seven arenas!