SECRET! Squaddies Manned Unauthorised Road Monitoring: Early days of Lockdown!

Something stinks at Sistah Space: and it ain’t the sewers

It is really tough when a true Attention-seeker gets some of the attention she seeks, but does not really deserve; but then attracts the attention of someone who smells a really Black Rat, and then that same someone proceeds to demonstrate that the same smell which helped to demolish the totally innocent (but perhaps confused by an ethnic dress ensemble) 83 year-old Lady Hussey, is present right down the murky financial trail, inclusive of a staggeringly high increase of administrative expenses comes from (4703% year on year increase).

A Gentleman who writes under the pseudonym of James, with a Twitter handle of @JustPikachoo; seems to have read of the seemingly concocted “Racist” conversation between Lady Hussey and Marlene Headley , a black ‘British’ woman also known as Ngozi Fulani, who was dressed in “Ethnic” style: and, quietly and without any fuss, decided to do a deep crawl through the truly complicated space which was ‘Sistah Space’s’ financial background. 

In 176, that is One Hundred & Seventy Six Tweets, our friend @JustPickachoo, lays a dynamite trail of seemingly weird and convoluted statements, and reckons that the Charity Commission should be investigating this rather weird and convoluted ‘Charity’: which seems to have inveigled Hackney Council into providing free rental space; but then went on to threaten that Council for not doing or giving more. That same ‘Charity; which has been granted a lot of cash from the London Community Foundation of £12,000.00, from the Greater London Authority of £40,000.00, and from Comic Relief of £60,000.00.

Our Tweetering friend @JustPickachoo also states that should any of the truly murky decisions and financial pathways be deleted, which is in itself totally illegal: he claims that he has already got the goodies copied out and stashed very safely.  When “James @Pickachoo” finally delivers the .pdf which he has been compiling to the Charity Commission, it should prove very interesting reading!

Hunter & Joe Biden, & How Twitter helped elect a Crook

As an English commentator on British and American Politics with, I must admit, a somewhat limited readership; I really thought that some stories about the American Left, the Democratic Party: and their influence upon what America reads, watches and learns were, to put it bluntly, exaggerated. 

But the decision of a maverick billionaire, rich beyond dreams, to buy outright Twitter, the premier Social Media organisation, has proved, beyond any doubt that the Democratic Party, the governing Party of America, was and still is, totally corrupt in its efforts to hide the truth about Hunter Biden, and his father President Joe Biden from America and the wider world.

I ask if my readers would view this particular Tucker Carlson video, where he interviews James Woods, a good actor who, because he raised his voice in protest, was literally targeted and cancelled to the extent that he no longer worked in Hollywood. I found it both astonishing and deeply troubling: because these were the actions of a Political Party desperate to cover up wrongdoings of the son of an aspiring U.S. President just before that critical election.