Hunter & Joe Biden, & How Twitter helped elect a Crook

As an English commentator on British and American Politics with, I must admit, a somewhat limited readership; I really thought that some stories about the American Left, the Democratic Party: and their influence upon what America reads, watches and learns were, to put it bluntly, exaggerated. 

But the decision of a maverick billionaire, rich beyond dreams, to buy outright Twitter, the premier Social Media organisation, has proved, beyond any doubt that the Democratic Party, the governing Party of America, was and still is, totally corrupt in its efforts to hide the truth about Hunter Biden, and his father President Joe Biden from America and the wider world.

I ask if my readers would view this particular Tucker Carlson video, where he interviews James Woods, a good actor who, because he raised his voice in protest, was literally targeted and cancelled to the extent that he no longer worked in Hollywood. I found it both astonishing and deeply troubling: because these were the actions of a Political Party desperate to cover up wrongdoings of the son of an aspiring U.S. President just before that critical election.