A video about The Video

I can report that, early today, I finally managed to record the long-promised video at the Trust Headquarters, which told of my early life with my wife Jacqueline, but mainly to explain how I and my late wife were treated by the hospital and the County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. My words are now in the hands of the video editor, and of course the Trust, together with any reply or comment from the orthopaedic Consultant. 

We shall see.

THE END OF PRIVACY IN Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Remember the fuss and palaver when Gordon Brown wanted to issue everyone with ID Cards. Naturally, there was opposition everywhere, I myself joined in with many others, and, together, we beat the Socialist/Communist/Heathen idea back into the mediaeval void it had emerged from.

But now we see the Digital I.D. has suddenly erupted before our very eyes, and, apparently, nobody even bloody noticed: because it was done stealthily, quietly, and with, for a very rare change from This Government, competently.

But, with this ‘Digital I.D., comes the end of privacy.

The Government Departments which will now be able to look at every skein of your life, from medical to financial history and onwards; is explained in this list:-

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • The Lord Chancellor
  • Ministry of Defence
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
  • Department for Education
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.
  • HM Land Registry
  • An organisation which provides services to a specified public authority in connection with the specified objective
  • A county council in England
  • A district council in England
  • A London borough council
  • A combined authority established under section 103 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009
  • The Common Council of the City of London in its capacity as a local authority
  • The Council of the Isles of Scilly
  • The Greater London Authority

Welsh bodies

  • The Welsh Ministers
  • The Welsh Revenue Authority
  • A county council in Wales
  • A county borough council in Wales
  • A community council in Wales
  • A person providing services in connection with a specified objective (within the meaning of section 35) to a specified person who (a) falls within this part of this Schedule; and (b) is a public authority.

Scottish bodies

  • The Scottish Ministers
  • A council constituted under section 2 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994.
  • A person providing services in connection with a specified objective (within the meaning of section 35) to a specified person who (a) falls within this Part of this Schedule; and (b) is a public authority.

New public authorities to be added to Schedule 4

  • The Cabinet Office
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Disclosure and Barring Service


Questions for America

From the online pages of the Epoch Times, I bring you the cogent arguments and queries of Victor Davis Hanson, the conservative commentator, classicist, and military historian. He is a professor emeritus of classics at California.

Did someone or something seize control of the United States?

What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did President Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?

Since when did money not have to be paid back? Who insisted that the more dollars the federal government printed, the more prosperity would follow? When did America embrace zero interest? Why do we believe $30 trillion in debt is no big deal?

When did clean-burning, cheap, and abundant natural gas become the equivalent to dirty coal? How did prized natural gas that had granted America’s wishes of energy self-sufficiency, reduced pollution, and inexpensive electricity become almost overnight a pariah fuel whose extraction was a war against nature? Which lawmakers, which laws, which votes of the people declared natural gas development and pipelines near criminal?

Was it not against federal law to swarm the homes of Supreme Court justices, to picket and to intimidate their households in efforts to affect their rulings? How then with impunity did bullies surround the homes of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, John Roberts, and Clarence Thomas—furious over a court decision on abortion? How could these mobs so easily throng our justices’ homes, with placards declaring “Off with their d—s”?

Since when did Americans create a government Ministry of Truth? And on whose orders did the FBI contract private news organisations to censor stories it did not like and writers whom it feared?

How did we wake up one morning to new customs of impeaching a president over a phone call? Of the speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union address on national television? Of barring congressional members from serving on their assigned congressional committees?

When did we assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it disliked? Was it legal suddenly for one presidential candidate to hire a foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?

Was some state or federal law passed that allowed biological males to compete in female sports? Did Congress enact such a law? Did the Supreme Court guarantee that biological male students could shower in gym locker rooms with biological women? Were women ever asked to redefine the very sports they had championed?

When did the government pass a law depriving Americans of their freedom during a pandemic? In America can health officials simply cancel rental contracts or declare loan payments in suspension? How could it become illegal for mom-and-pop stores to sell flowers or shoes during a quarantine but not so for Walmart or Target?

Since when did the people decide that 70 percent of voters would not cast their ballots on Election Day? Was this revolutionary change the subject of a national debate, a heated congressional session, or the votes of dozens of state legislatures?

What happened to election night returns? Did the fact that Americans created more electronic ballots and computerised tallies make it take so much longer to tabulate the votes?

When did the nation abruptly decide that theft is not a crime, assault not a felony? How can thieves walk out with bags of stolen goods, without the wrath of angry shoppers, much less fear of the law?

Was there ever a national debate about the terrified flight from Afghanistan? Who planned it and why?

What happened to the once-trusted FBI? Why almost overnight did its directors decide to mislead Congress, to deceive judges with concocted tales from fake dossiers and with doctored writs? Did Congress pass a law that our federal leaders in the FBI or CIA could lie with impunity under oath?

Who redefined our military and with whose consent? Who proclaimed that our chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could call his Chinese Communist counterpart to warn him that America’s president was supposedly unstable? Was it always true that retired generals routinely libelled their commander-in-chief as a near Nazi, a Mussolini, an adherent of the tools of Auschwitz?

Were Americans ever asked whether their universities could discriminate against their sons and daughters based on their race? How did it become physically dangerous to speak the truth on a campus? Whose idea was it to reboot racial segregation and bias as “theme houses,” “safe spaces,” and “diversity”? How did that happen in America?

How did a virus cancel the Constitution? Did the lockdowns rob of us of our sanity? Or was it the woke hysteria that ignited our collective madness?

We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognise, and from a coup we never knew.

America. The ‘Really Good News’ in the first week of the New Year

In the first slow days before the House of Representatives finally allowed The Constitution to come first and foremost; when a hardline group of GOP representatives made a would-be Speaker bow down to THEIR rules and requirements, after FIFTEEN BALLOTS, America finally has a Speaker, and the House of Representatives, ruled by a slim GOP majority, which will no longer go along with the ‘Swamp’, and commence the long walk back from Democratic Party misrule and corruption. I reckon that a special medal should be struck, in honour and gratitude to the 20 House members who ensured that ‘Democracy’ will replace the mess which has certainly ruled for the past years. 

For my second piece of ‘Really Good News, I wish to turn towards Florida, with the news that at least one baby, unwanted by its mother at birth, is safe and well.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes founder and CEO Monica Kelsey, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn, and Ocala Fire Chief Clint Welborn announced news of the surrendered baby during a news conference on Thursday morning and praised the resource for helping to save lives. 

“I’m so happy to hear of this miracle baby,” Guinn said. “I knew when we did this in 2020, this day would come. We all did. We just didn’t know when. We’re glad it was there as a resource for the mother of this child. I’m sure there will be a bright future ahead for this precious child.”

The Ocala Baby Box is the only one in Florida and is one of 134 boxes across the United States, according to the report. The box costs approximately $10,000 and is leased for $200 a month. Since November of 2017, 23 infants have been placed in a Baby Box, according to Safe Haven. 

Kelsey said she came up with the idea for Safe Haven Baby Boxes “because officials were still finding dead, abandoned babies despite states having a Safe Haven law, allowing mothers to surrender newborns to hospitals and fire stations,” according to the report.

“My biological father is a rapist and I was abandoned at birth and my life still has value. I wish that today, my birth mom would have had those resources all those years ago,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey noted that each box has a heater and a cooling unit and is alarm-activated. A silent alarm alerts firefighters if a baby is in the box 60 seconds after the baby is placed inside. 

“Sixty seconds is enough time for mom to get away,” Kelsey said.

Once the baby is inside the box, the outer door locks and only safety or medical personnel are able to access it, the report states. Safe Haven officials said the newborn is “attended to within five minutes, medically evaluated at a local hospital and adopted within 30-45 days,” the report states. 

PoliceScotland welcomes Kiddy-Fiddlers

As an old man, albeit with a still-enquiring and agile mind, I wish to report to my small audience, of reading and absorbing probably the nastiest, most evil and potentially destructive statement ever emanating from any Government Agency, according to my long, long memory.

Police in Scotland have sparked outrage for describing paedophiles as “Minor-Attracted People” in a report.

Officials said the language in the year-end report was based on terminology used by the European Union.

In a year-end report, Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said police have worked on a project that’s main agenda is “to develop understanding and approach to avoid the victimisation of children by engaging Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) and providing them with the necessary support, treatment and guidance to help prevent criminal activities.”

A controversial move to label paedophiles as “Minor-Attracted People” in a top-level report has been defended by Police Scotland, with the force suggesting the EU was to blame.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone’s annual year end report refers to child abusers as Minor-Attracted People (MAPs). The move comes amid wider concerns by campaigners over what they see as attempts to rebrand paedophilia as a harmless sexual preference.

A spokesman for the force stressed that MAPs is not a term they routinely use to describe child abusers and said that its use in the report had to be understood in context.

He explained that the reference to MAPs was in relation to the force’s engagement with the European Union‘s Horizon Europe Project – Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The report states: “The project’s main agenda is to develop understanding and approach to avoid the victimisation of children by engaging Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) and providing them with the necessary support, treatment and guidance to help prevent criminal activities.”

I would, however, gently remind my readers that this is just an extension of the thinking which the pervert-admiring Harriet Harman, MP disclosed when she, Harriet Harman, belatedly expressed ‘regret’ that a vile paedophile group was allowed to forge links with the National Council for Civil Liberties.

But she still refused to apologise over the NCCL’s extraordinary relationship with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, who openly demanded that the age of consent be reduced to Four years old.

I would also remind readers that the Chief Constable’s Annual Report must have been, before publication, scanned, criticised and re-written many times. And still that vile term (MAP) was allowed to remain. To this writer, it proves just one thing: the thinking behind certain senior PoliceScotland officers, very senior Police officers, was that that vile acronym should remain, because that is indeed in the future for Scotland, and that the ‘plebs’ should get used to it, because its going to happen anyway!

PoliceScotland. Bunch of Privileged, Uniformed, Pervert Enablers

NHS Hospital Surgery: Herewith a Warning

I write today with a warning, not just because I blame the Hospital for my wife’s untimely death, but because people should know what lies ahead of them in a Hospital, when surgery is planned for them.

Your Rights: Your Life

Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

To any patient, or indeed patient’s family, whose entry into an NHS Trust-controlled Hospital is proposed for the purposes of surgery: of any sort of surgery under a general anaesthetic.

Demand to speak to the people who will be in charge, not of the surgery, but of the decision which will mean the difference between life, or death. Demand to speak to the people, the consultants, the specialists, the medical professionals who will study the medical files relating to the patient under scrutiny, and DEMAND  that you be informed if there is to be a decision on whether a Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation form be completed and set upon that Patient’s file. Because you have a legal right to be consulted, and a Legal right to argue if a decision should indeed be made, The Law demands that you be given that right. 

So, if you are old, or infirm, or if you are ‘Vulnerable’, or Frail, or if the Statistics may show that CPR would not or might not help, just remember that your voice counts, or rather should count, louder than a clutch of medical professionals who depend upon statistics in judging whether any patient lives or dies, and demand, a second or even third opinion, because if you find yourself, or a near and dear relative, approaching a proposal for surgery from an NHS Hospital, remember that your voice counts when it comes to decisions about DNACPR.